Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow Family

You may have noticed the cute snow family in the background of my Christmas decorating post....
I made these a few years ago, the bodies are made from muslin and stuffed with weighted beads in the bottom so they stand up and don't fall over all the time.  They were very simple to make, easy to sew and fun to dress.
They mimic our family, a snow mama and a snow boy.  The mama has a jacket made from an old quilt (one that was well worn and had too many holes to use as a quilt), trimmed with vintage velvet ribbon in a great soft brown color.
She also sports a wool rose pin which keeps her jacket snug.
Her snow boy has a bare head and cute button eyes and a really long carrot nose.  He is wearing a vintage child's coat from my friend Agnes who has passed away now.  The coat was worn by her husband as a child. 
The coat shows much wear and I can picture this cute little boy wearing it and getting dirty!
The coat's buttons do not match...and I love that about it a lot!
Now look closely in this photo.  Notice the little pink flower near the second button from the top.  My great niece Elena who is 3 put that there because she thinks the "baby" snow person is a girl and she wanted her to have a flower like the snow mama!   Pretty cute!


Sarah said...

cute snowman family & beautiful tree!!

Felicia said...

this is cool. I have decided I am going to collect Snowman as my Christmas thing, I will one day have to make these to add to my collection

Stef said...

Adorable! I'm doing my 1st Linky party & its all about Snowman!! I would love for you to join ;)

Holly Lefevre said...

Love the snowmen...what a fun addition to any holiday decor. Their place overlooking the tree is perfect!

Unknown said...

These are so sweet. LOVE that vintage child's coat, too. Thank you so much for linking with air your laundry Friday!