Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not So Quick Christmas Gift: Knitted Snakes

Like a crazy woman, I told my sister Jenny I would knit snakes for her two boys. I kept putting it off, but I did manage to get one done and gave it to Jenny Thanksgiving.  Today I finished the last one, and I just have one more to make (it is about half way done now) for another nephew gift (the kids draw names and my son drew Max who we think would love a knitted snake like I made a long time ago for his dad).
The snake is very simple, just alternate knitting and purling to create the stitch.  I used batting scraps for the inside and sewed on button eyes.  He measures close to 6 feet long.
That's a wool felt tongue.  Have you ever heard the expression "mean as a striped snake"?  Well I made some stripes on this snake with a stitch variation.
You can see the stripes here. I mailed it this morning and I hope the boys like it...


Anji* said...

I'm sure they will love the snakes, this one looks great!

Karen said...

Is this your pattern?I would love to make one for my 2 granddaughters.They would love it.They are 7 and 10.Well the 10 yr old will be 11 Sept 4th.Would love to make it for her for her birthday.She loves snakes.Far from being a girly is

Anonymous said...

I would like this pattern. Does anyone have it in a free version or a paid version?
Thank you