Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Easy Sewing Project for the Knitter

This is a great Christmas gift for the knitter...I made a case for knitting needles and knitting notions.
I started out with two pieces of fabric 22 x 22 inches and added fusible fleece to both of those pieces. 
I added a pocket to the inside and then sewed the pockets for those knitting needles.
I sewed a grosgrain ribbon to one side to make the tie.  Really very easy and very practical and inexpensive (I used what I had so didn't cost me anything). 
Go here to see my first attempt at this project!

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jess said...

This post reminds me that you should look into making flatiron or curling iron travel holders - they're fabric like that on the outside, and have a heat-resistant fabric liner. Basically made to be able to throw a hot hair iron into the suitcase without waiting for it to cool off! And then sell them on etsy:)

P.S. commented on a post from a few days ago, in case you don't look back.