Monday, August 17, 2009

Covered Button Hair Barrettes

I made Elena some cute covered button barrettes. She modeled one of them for me...

After I painstakingly attached them to the outside pocket of her diaper bag for the picture, she immediately removed them for me and scattered them to the ends of the earth.

I did get her to hold still long enough to get an up close picture. She was very busy today and Sam and I got to keep her all day long.

Sam blew bubbles for her for a long time in a light rain...bubbles last a really long time in a light rain by the way...
Sam seemed to enjoy blowing bubbles...he hadn't done that in a long's not really cool, you know!
Oooopps! Miss Priss fell down backwards, she fell against the rock surrounding the flower bed. But she was only concerned that she got mud on her hands. She is laying on a muddy driveway on top of the fern, but she is most concerned about the bit of mud on her hands.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Recycled Vintage Napkin Chair Cushions

This is my seat cushion for my computer chair...made from two vintage napkins with ties at two corners.
I love the prints of the vintage napkins...sometimes you can find them in pretty good shape. So I found these and they sort of went well with my bedroom decor, so here it is.
I just sewed two of them with wrong sides together along the edges, sewed in the two long grossgrain ribbons at the two back corners....I added some about four layers of batting cut exactly the size of the napkins and then sewed up the last edge.
I found these napkins with a round table cloth earlier this year at Goodwill. I think these four napkins will make great chair cushions for my kitchen. That project is on my to do list for now!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fabric Flowers

I found a tutorial for making these fabric petal flowers ( The petals are each made from a half circle and that is a covered button in the middle!
Very easy to understand directions, very easy to make...I just can't wait to make more of them! I am thinking pinks and browns, Christmas colors, solids... The possibilities are endless!!

The Peacock Stripe Quilt

I found this great peacock fabric, I believe it is Michael Miller, at a yard sale and I paid $1 for about 4 yards!

My "back art", making a design for the back for the backing of the quilt! My mom was impressed! Very easy, but does look nice!

This fabric I used for the binding and part of the backing. It has gold threads in it...I bought it at the same yard sale for $1 for 3 yards. I can't remember who makes it, but it is also a very nice quality quilting fabric!

This quilt is a gift for a special friend...made from my favorite blues! Nice quilt for the investment! My Aunt Marge quilted it for me just did an excellent job as usual!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

No Vacancy

Mom has a hanging organizer in the garage for garden tools and whatnot. Well, the whatnot now includes two different families of birds. Mom said that a few days after the first bird family moved out of the nest, a second mama laid eggs and 12-14 days later, these guys appeared. I couldn't see inside the dark pocket but stuck my camera in there and took a picture....only one mouth is open. The next picture there were two mouths open and
you can see there is
an egg that hasn't hatched yet.
Those are some big mouths to feed!
And we have a third mouth starting to open wide! And I think I can see a second unhatched egg. It is so cool how much fluff there is in the nest. I guess it is a universal mama thing to make a soft nest for babies. These babies will leave in around two and a half weeks...Mom says she is hanging a No Vacancy sign in the garage before the next mama bird moves in to raise her family!

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool

This is Sweet William, a very fragrant old fashioned flowering plant.
This is sweet Mama Kitty napping on the little garden bench surrounded by Sweet William.

I planted one tiny, measly plant that I bought at a yard sale for only 50 cents. And three years later the Sweet William threatens to take over the yard.
Mama Kitty can nap anywhere...even in a fetal position in a smallish basket.

And here is where the dogs drool part comes was very hot today with temperature in the mid 90s. So Rachel just lay around and drooled, when she wasn't scratching at the door to go inside where it is cool.

The "New" Porch Glider

I have had this glider on my deck for years...eight years that I have lived at this house and even probably five years before Sam came along. I bought it at an auction and I think I only paid $11 for it. I love it. The problem is that it is falling apart!
Rust had eroded through the front of it, the part that touches the back of your legs.
Not very comfortable.

I went to Westlakes and asked for metal spackling. After the checkout guy stopped laughing, he told me there was no such thing. I asked someone else and this is what I got. Seems like there is metal spackling!

I layered the Bondo on the front where the holes were and kept sanding and slathering. It took most of today but all the holes are filled in. I primed it with Rustoleum for Rusty Metal and then sprayed on the Wildflower Blue, also by Rustoleum.

Now here is the finished product, complete with the pillows I made ( for the glider back in June. I just love the way it looks and I can't wait to read the paper sitting on the glider, sipping an iced tea!