Monday, February 22, 2010

The sad snowy day...or how I toasted my favorite (and only) wool slippers

Let me start by saying I can't believe this happened!! Yesterday I washed my wool slippers...this morning they still were not all the way dry. So I got the bright idea of setting them on a cookie rack on top of the wood stove, for about 5 minutes. Note the big fire inside the wood stove.
Please also note that I had just gotten up, my feet were cold and my brain was apparently still asleep. Note that I loved these slippers sooooo much!! Note that I forgot that I put them on top of the wood stove.

The scene of the crime.

The result...
The morale of the story is not to dry wool slippers on top of a wood stove.

The house smells like a cross between a herd of wet sheep and burnt toast....Rachel couldn't stand the smell..she stayed outside for a while. Myself I am still tearfully planning my next pair of wool slippers.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pot Scrubbers from Netting

Someone asked me to make a pot scrubber...she brought in an old ragged one and I used it for a pattern for a bunch of new ones. I bought bright colors of the coarse netting, 77 cents a yard at WalMart.
Using my rotary cutter, I cut 4" strips of netting. The netting comes 72" wide, so that gave me a generous amount from just one yard.
I connected the strips by cutting small slits in each end of the strips and slipping one through another like you would link two rubber bands. Or they can be sewn or just knotted together. Whatever makes it easier for you.
I wound them into balls and then started to crochet!
Using a K crochet hook, I chained 4, then slip stitch the last stitch to the first, forming a ring.
Chain 3 (that counts as first Double crochet)
Double crochet (DC) 14 stitches in the center of the ring.
Chain 3 (counts as first DC)
DC two in each loop for a total of 30 DC in the second round.
Chain 2, cut netting and pull the netting through the stitch to finish off.
Weave the end into the scrubber.

Here they are, the finished product! They can be machine washed and used many, many times.

Friday, February 5, 2010

WOOLdn't you like to see my next wool project?

I know, not even funny play on words, huh?
This is my latest (idea came from my sister Sarah, I just copied it!) wool project. Made from felted wool sweaters, I just cut squares and am in the process of flat stitching them together.
I have a few bugs to work out, but am busy at it!
I love the texture and color combos. More later....

I Need a Sewing/Craft/Weaving Room Makeover!!

OK, here's the deal...I am basically an organized person, but not always a tidy person...My sewing room is proof of that. I call it my sewing room, but it actually holds my floor loom which is giant and fills a goodly portion of the floor space.
I do keep like things together and try to organize, but when space is limited and I am working on something I tend to let things slide.

Take this closet for example...

or the loose ends of the ribbon spools...

or this basket full of tools, thread, bobbins, and STUFF!

Some people think I have a thing for scissors...there is a purpose for each type of scissors...Fiskars is definitely my brand. Although I do have one pair of Mundial and a few pair of Durasharps. I take them to be sharpened when the man comes to JoAnn Fabrics.
OK, fine! I do have a thing for Fiskars scissors. I love really sharp ones, but if they are Fiskars I want them.

Here's the view from the door. You can see the loom on the right. Currently I use it for hanging different projects on. I need to warp it (re-thread it) and get busy, but am lacking motivation at the present. The last time I warped it I spent 16 hours and got lots of bruises! It is faster with two people, but somehow I can't convince Sam to help me out.

My Grandma and Grandpa Hook sold me the loom. Grams has made rugs on it for a long time. I always wanted to learn from her. I watched her make rugs during summer visits, but never actually sat down with her and had her teach me specifically how to use it. I did learn mostly from a book, but also had to have Carol Leigh from Hillcreek Fiber Studio come out to my house and get me started. I made lots of rugs to start with and they were OK, but not very good. After a bit my skills improved.

These pictures were taken after an hour of organization in there this evening!

Glad this room has a door and is upstairs out of sight of the rest of the house!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thrift Store Stuff

I had been to all the local thrift stores last week. I found two neat foot stools during my forays, in addition to several wool sweaters. I love this wicker foot stool, thinking I may take it all apart and paint the wicker and recover the cushion. Not sure how I will do it, but for $5 it was a steal!

This stool was also $5 and I love the legs and the little storage place inside. The cushion will clearly have to be replaced (I have some pretty blue toile fabric), and I will probably paint the legs black. I will have to wait for warmer weather to finish this one though!