Tuesday, April 30, 2013



What is the level above batshit?!?!  This pretty much sums up the month of April…just saying!  Here’s to May being better all around!!


How cute is this iPhone case?  Mod Podge…thinking I may have to try that!  I think I saw these ideas in my new Living magazine.


And along the same lines, there are these great Mod Podged drawer pulls!  MUST try these too…how cool would these be on a kids dresser?


My dog Milo (the pug) and his friend Bella (the great Dane)…


They are so much fun to watch!


Baby kitty didn’t want to have anything to do with them for some reason!


One of my nieces sent me this pic…love it!  Looks like Black Friday fabric shopping at JoAnns…


I’m loving spring right now…love the daffodils and the grape hyacinths.


The hammock is ready for some weekend lounging. 



I went walking around Runge Nature Center with a friend and got to see these deer and turkeys eating beside each other.  Pretty cool, I got way close to them.



The babbling brook was very peaceful and spring was showing its fresh face all around.


I know this pic is fuzzy, but I had never seen turkeys with their feathers all spread out!  And when we gobbled at them they gobbled back!

Hope you are all having a great week! 


Columbia has a Super Target now!

Columbia, Mo now has a Super Target!  I hadn’t been to Target in a while, but have had the opportunity to mosey around the store lately and there are lots of things that I am loving! 


Love these faux coral pieces…


And the specimen art seashell picture. Think I might just have to make myself one of those!  With burlap as the background!


And this cute blue table with the darker blue color dipped legs…


And this shower curtain is something I almost bought at the clearance price of $12.48.  I loved the muslin look to it, but didn’t really need one, so I was good and passed it by, after drooling a bit.  Well, last week I was in Goodwill and found the exact same shower curtain, fresh out of the package and it was $4.00!!  I grabbed that sucker and ran with it to the cashier…she told me that Target sends a lot of overstocks and left over clearance things to them.  I will be keeping a close eye on that from now on!


And speaking of specimen art, this butterfly shadow box is really cool. 


Oh, the frost glass vases in THAT shade of blue. 


I found myself drawn to the orange lamps and stools/tables too…


And of course more blue…


Lots of different textures and colors too. 


The cutest bird top cloche with a wooden base…


I cruise through Target routinely if I want to catch something I like on the lowest clearance price.  The guide from the KrazyCouponLady.com has helped me figure out the schedule for clearance prices.  Every store may not follow that strictly, but it is a guideline so if you are trying to catch something just after it has been marked down you can. 


Saturday, April 27, 2013

A new craft room shelf…free!


Remember here where I spent my $75 gift card to Lowes?


Part of what I bought was this shelf and the wooden brackets which I painted peacock blue (also with some paint from that same gift card). 


Love those brackets!


I am now storing supplies (and some pretties like the wooden spools and the seashells) in jars on this shelf above my sewing tables.  I made the knobbed lids for the jars (you can read about them here) and store ribbon, elastic, some zippers, special buttons, and other sewing supplies there so they are off my workspace and easy to find.


I have a few thrifted wooden boxes up there too to store paints and some cones of thread. 


Bias tape is stored along side the Keep Calm and Craft On print that my niece gave me a few years back. 


I love having this all on display within easy reach and I hung it on the wall all by myself. 

I may be linking to some of these great parties! 


Friday, April 26, 2013

Spray Paint Ombre Basket


OK, first a disclaimer that this was really hard to photograph and I am noticing the ombre part of this project didn’t show up very well!


This pic is probably the best one showing the ombre look…in person the basket looks great!


This is how the basket started out…90% off after Christmas clearance at Hobby Lobby (99 cents!).   It is pretty sturdy and I am going to use it on a shelf in my craft room to hold special threads for serger projects.


I used three colors of Valspar spray paint with primer…tropical oasis, exotic sea and peacock blue.  First I covered the basket with several coats of the exotic sea, then did a lighter coat of tropical oasis at the bottom.  I finished it off with a quick coat of peacock blue around the top of the basket. 


Even though it doesn’t show up well in the pics, I really like the way it turned out.  Noticeable yet subtle.


I love the way it looks!


This last picture shows the color differences the best I think.


I might be linking to some of these great parties!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cement Garden Balls


I made one of these cement “gazing” balls (you can’t really gaze into a cement ball, but you can gaze at it!) last summer and wanted a few more to put with it…


I had been collecting glass light globes from auctions (my brother has an auction company) and the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Columbia.  After last summer’s project, I decided to find some that were made of a lighter weight glass.  The most I paid for one was $2.


One warmer January day I decided to mix up the concrete and fill up the globes. 


I put the globes on some bubble wrap in a box and an old wash basin.  After mixing and pouring the concrete I just let them sit for several days.  The first time I made a concrete garden ball I ended up with a zillion (or maybe more) little cuts on my hands.  When it came time to break the glass off, I taped the box lid up so it was a tall extension on the box.


Then I put the hammer through a hole in a tarp, put a glove on my hand and started hammering away!  I broke most of the glass without even looking at the balls.  And the mess stayed inside the box so it wasn’t hard to clean up after I was done.  I had NO cuts on my hands. Yay!!


Two of the globes had a longer “stems” so they are shaped like mushrooms.  I love the way they turned out.  The polka dot one is really cute and the one with the vertical depressions on it is really cool too!


Eventually my plan is to have some of these sitting out with moss growing on them.  If I remember right though, the concrete needs to cure for a bit so  I left them outside today in the rain…seems like I read something about the pH of the cement or something like that.


One of the balls is totally smooth and round…


I probably got too excited about it feeling like spring, I put up the hammock and even laid in it for a bit. 


Milo and the cats helped me with the photo shoot of course!


As always!


This is the one I made last year and the one below is one of the new ones…love the hobnail look!


I might be linking to some of these great parties!