Friday, April 5, 2013

What I’ve Been up to Lately


I’m telling you this is exciting stuff! I cleaned out the medicine cabinet and the shelves with toiletries, organizing and getting rid of outdated/unused supplies.  That was part of my 40 bags in 40 days attempt.  I accomplished about 34 bags…so that helps!


Found this on instagram and love it!!


Had some great sky candy on my way home from Jefferson City this past week!


My son found out that the Easter Bunny still comes when you are 19, he wasn’t sure.


Easter morning the sun was wonderful…it started out kind of foggy and cloudy, but turned out to be a beautiful day.


Milo just loves to bask in the sun…


And it seems that baby kitty does too!  He was stretched out on this metal glider on the deck sleeping for hours.


I had a small surge of sewing that occurred this week.  I have another fun item cut out ready to put together, but for now I have to show off this dog collar for a dog friend and two infinity scarves for which I have a tutorial here.


I got three more finished quilts back from my Aunt Marge so I need to bind them, let’s see, that makes 6 in the stack to bind.  I even have the binding cut, I just need to sew the strips together and apply to the quilt.  Just a matter of getting it done!


Milo has his own instagram account now…check him out for the sweetest Mr. Puggles pics!



Here is one of my infinity scarves I made…you can go here to see my post. I have now lost almost 60# and am feeling really good!

Have a great weekend and week!


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