Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prolific Pumpkins Etsy Treasury

I just created my first etsy treasury...I wonder if there is a way to show a snapshot of the page, but since I can't seem to figure it out, click here to see!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Help! I can't stop making wool pumpkins!!

I can't stop making these!  You might remember I started with this one in August...
I make them all the time!  I look for all wool sweaters in shades of orange...and I find all shades of this lovely burnt orange.
And this winter white pumpkin topped with felted wool acorns...just love this one!  Even the curlicues are wool that I cut in very thin strips and wrapped around knitting needles after I soaked them with spray starch.
Pink, brown and off white acorns...
I love how this one tendril of vine kept trying to get into my picture (on the right there).
Then there is this really tiny pumpkin, it measures only about 3-4 inches wide!
So cute!  This wool is actually a deep orange, very pretty color!
And this used to be a cable cashmere sweater...I made the leaves differently with stitching on the leaves...this one is very soft and snuggly!
I really enjoyed making this one...each is so very different!
This one is non traditional, also made from a cashmere sweater in a lighter shade of orange.
And I added some wild blue and green felted wool acorns to the top, love the way they look!
There is that vine in the picture must have a thing for wool pumpkins like I do!

The Owl Project

I have been seeing these cute birds all around blogland...I love them, so cute! 
Look at the strings on that nose~no matter how well you think you did trimming threads and tidying up things before pics, there is always at least one untrimmed thread in every picture!!
I made it completely from scraps, didn't buy anything for it!
It is still September, so I am still working on my stash busting!
I looked at a few owls on etsy and blogs and made my own pattern from a Schnucks' sale flyer...
I used chenille scraps for the eyes and the belly.  His nose is a scrap of orange wool felt and I like the pop of color it gave this all black and white look!  The back is the same color as the wings.
I probably would make it a bit taller because when I stuffed it, it got a little shorter than I wanted...
Anyway, he looks really good next to the wool felt pumpkins!

I am linking to these parties, plus others on my sidebar!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MDA Fundraiser

These two guys are the reason my family hosts this MDA fundraiser, my nephews Beau and Gabe.  They have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, there is no cure for this can read more about it here.
There is a walk, where people get pledges to walk (or ride)...
There is a silent auction, tables and tables full of fun stuff!
There are the is Beau on his new (as of this year) scooter and his mom Jenny (my sis).
Here I am in my walking boot!  Still healing after my surgery in July, but getting better every day!
Elena is fascinated with my cane, my son Sam is trying to retrieve it for me!
It is a really relaxed setting, people bring their pets, lots of dogs to pet...
and lots of family...things were different this year because we didn't have Dad with us...
Beau loves babies...he's holding my great niece Audrey here...she thinks she is too big to be held like a baby though!
Ruth (my niece) with her niece Elena, now 3.
Lots of good food!
Ruth with baby Audrey...

A little basketball...
and Sam and Elena and Josh "driving" on the playground...lots of fun games and stuff for the kids!
Hey, does this kid have a license???
Notice Charlie's arm reaching behind Ruth's head, just pestering!
My mom bought this for me....yup that is $70 for this really cool purse my sister Sarah made from a recycled wool sweater.
And we have a live auction..this year we had a St. Louis Cardinals package, a large wooden toy chest, a new rocker recliner (my mom got that!) and lots of other cool things people donated to the cause.
My brother Chuck is the auctioneer!
So after an afternoon nap when the fundraiser is all over...we head on over to my sister Jenny and her husband Travis' house for a relaxing bonfire and chili and dogs that is... 
We had this dog there, sitting in a chair fireside!  How funny...she looks like she is smiling here!
Tired Gabe here!!
Maggie with Elena
Haley Jean

And a tired baby eating some green beans with rice cereal!  Mmm mmm good!!
Baby bird...
And here's Josh, I mean Mr. Cool!
Good food!
And the good news is that we grossed $48,000 for MDA!