Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A couple of things....

First of all,  last week I won a giveaway from Jillian at The Virginia House...the giveaway was from Michelle at Impressions in Vinyl  for a $10 gift certificate from her etsy shop.   My choice was these birds (although it took me a while to decide!)...I got to see them Sunday night (I was out of town all weekend) and they are so cute!  I have some ideas for what I might use them for, but that will come in another post...I have been loving the birds for a long time and just can't wait for a birdie project! 
(Picture borrowed from Michelle's etsy shop)
And the cool thing is that Michelle purchased something from my etsy shop and wrote a review about it here on her blog!
That was really sweet of Michelle!

Secondly, my Gourd Jack O Lanterns were featured on Craft Gossip
I browsed around there and found it very interesting...you should go check it out!!
Anyway, I still need to catch up on some posts but plan to take a few days off to recover after the fundraisers these last two weekends!

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