Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Fall Basket

Another basket for the silent auctions...This is clearly a fall-ish assortment.  I didn't really have the right size basket, so had two of these fruit/vegetable baskets. They were a bit rough, but I dressed them up with some grosgrain ribbon from an assortment I got at The Ribbon Retreat about a month ago.
And of course with my newly discovered love of and creation of rosettes, I added a painters cloth rosette to each side of the basket...one happened to be small and one was pretty big.
Bigger and

I always try to make the basket so it looks good from both sides since people walk down both sides of the table while they are looking at all the baskets.
I added some wood shred filler in the bottom, a fall plate/dish, a slate wall decorating plaque, a golden pumpkin (yes, I spray painted it!), some fall colored towels, two pumpkin candles, a few small gourds. 
The basket was a bit rough, but I thought it added some charm to the whole thing!
I am going to get it all wrapped up with cello tonight and this one is off the to do list!