Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A new terrarium

2013-10-09 039

I love terrariums…and I love thrift store shopping. So this post is about the best of both! I found a glass globe, at the St. Louis Teachers' Reusable Resource Center in the Chesterfield Mall.  This was my second trip to the store, the first one I bought 10# of different items, including things like wine corks, stickers, contact paper, assorted glass jars, some beakers and test tubes in ALL sizes, some lace, some fabric.  All sorts of different things!





All this stuff is donated and kept out of the landfills, so it’s really a great concept…you don’t have to be a teacher to shop there. So anyway, back to my terrarium story.  I stopped last weekend to just check out the store for my second time on my way home from Mom’s house.  I spotted some new lab donated glass flasks and globes.  Big giant globes. 

2013-10-09 008

Here is the one I bought, it weighed 7# so it costed $7…it came with this really tiny plastic base that it sits on.  I didn’t like the plastic look so much.

2013-10-09 024

I cut a base out of wood that I had on hand, painted it bright green and it looks really neat.  I thought I did a pretty good job with my simple tools.

2013-10-09 029

I was scared the globe would get cracked or broken so I kept it in a square laundry basket while I planted the terrarium.  I started with some marbles and some rocks, then added some activated charcoal to the bottom (like the kind you buy for aquariums). 

2013-10-09 036

The charcoal is something I always use, I understand it is really only needed for closed terrariums but I always add to any terrarium I create whether the top if open or not.

2013-10-09 030

I use 1/4 peat moss and 3/4 potting soil for my dirt, grabbed a few plants from my existing container pots on the deck since they would soon be frostbitten and die anyway. 

2013-10-09 038

I added a few inches of dirt and then arranged the plants like I wanted them.  I have two ferns, some mounding moss and some creeping jenny in there.  Probably a bit too many plants but I can always trim them or pull them out later.

2013-10-09 039

I added some polished rocks and put some more dirt around the plants, watered it all well and it was done!

2013-10-09 046

I also added a water globe inside, but didn’t put any water inside. I just added it for some color.

2013-10-10 005

Here it is in the jungle of the houseplants I brought in from the deck before the frost.

2013-10-10 007

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

White sweater pumpkins

2013-10-06 030

You know I love me a good pumpkin!

2013-10-06 038

This used to be a whole sweater…found it at the Goodwill store, it’s not wool, but a winter white cabled acrylic/cotton blend. I thought it might make a nice pumpkin or two. 

 2013-10-06 032

Aren’t they cute?

2013-10-06 028

The difference between these and the orange sweater sleeve pumpkins I recently made is the stems.  I used the ribbing at the end of the sleeves for the stems. 

2013-10-06 012

Since I made three pumpkins and we can all do the math on that (two sleeves per normal sweater, three pumpkins, you get the picture) I used the ribbing at the bottom of the sweater for the third stem. I cut about a 6 inch section of the ribbing off and sewed the short ends together to make a circle.

2013-10-06 013

I just ran my long needle under the part of the ribbing that sticks out…and kept going around the section and pulling the thread snug until it looked like a stem.  Think pull really really tight!

2013-10-06 018

Just sew the stem on the top of the pumpkin and they are set!!

2013-10-06 019

I gave these to my mom for her birthday which happens to be this month. 

2013-10-06 024

I used the sweater which was $3, the stuffing (FREE) which a friend of my mom’s brought her (a bag of batting scraps which I tore up and used as stuffing), a needle and some quilting thread (mom already had) and about 30 minutes.  Very easy and very cheap!

2013-10-06 029

I am going to make myself some as well from the body of the sweater after I get back home.

2013-10-06 027

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thrifting here and there

Here’s a few great deals I found in the past couple weeks…

2013-09-18 001

The wool throw I found at the Restore in Loveland, Colorado for $1.  It had a big red X on one side, looked like it was marker.  I took a chance and stain treated the throw, tossed it in the washer and it looks perfect!  The pillow is a $3 find at Lowes…it had some dirty spots on it, but cleaned right up with a damp washcloth. Love how they look together.  The blue basket is a $1 find, it holds Milo’s toys and can usually be found turned on its side like this!


OK, so the pitcher is not a thrifty find, I made it when I was in high school maybe.  My mom just gave it to me, she has always displayed it proudly at home.  I had made some type of handle for it when I first made it, but don’t remember what it even looked like.  So I found a handle for it!  It was a mere $1 and came with a flat glass dish, which I re-donated to the thrift store where I found it. So, anyway, I love the way it looks and that it fits perfectly!

2013-09-29 015

I found this great pillow cover at a thrift store, the pillow form inside was new, still in the store bag and there was a lace trimmed white pillowcase inside as well. I thought this was a great score for $2. 

2013-09-29 019

I found a plain chenille bedspread for $2 at Salvation Army.  I am going to use it to make some pillows covers!

2013-09-27 018

The new curtains in the guest bedroom I made from two XL twin sheets…I bought two XL twin sheet sets (grey and white wiggly plaid) and used the flat sheets to make the curtains and threw the pillow cases onto pillows for the bed.  And I have the fitted sheets to make something out of as well if I so decide. 2013-09-27 013

The bed looks so inviting now!  Love all the grey, turquoise and the red.

2013-09-24 002

$18 I paid for this fern stand.  Love it, but it’s painted gloss white, so I am working on refinishing it.  I always have a ton of plants I bring in before the first frost so this will come in handy.

2013-09-24 003

I bought this power tool stand (Craftsman) for $1 at Restore.  I bought it for the legs, probably will make a stool or a small table. 

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Folding Chair Makeover

2013-09-24 001

I have had this folding chair in my garage for several (or maybe 10) years…I use it occasionally for when I set up at a craft show or when I have a garage sale.   I have been looking for a chair for the guest room and it occurred to me that this chair would work fine for that. But I wanted to paint it first.

2013-09-26 024

I made chalk paint with some plaster of Paris and a free sample jar of Valspar in Posh Red. Love those coupons for free sample sized paints in the magazines I subscribe to (Coastal Living, HGTV Magazine, Country Living, This Old House). 

2013-09-27 007

I put on two coats of the chalk paint and then waxed it really well with MinWax paste wax. Usually one coat of the paste wax is good, but I put two coats on this beauty! 

2013-09-27 009

Love the satin sheen to the chair!  Turned out really well, there are some areas where the natural wood shines through, that’s what I love so much about the chalk paint, you can control how much of the original wood shines through. 

2013-09-27 006

2013-09-27 018

2013-09-29 002

Loving the way the wax brings out the color of the chair!

2013-09-29 0032013-09-27 023

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Organizing Washi Tape

I found this cup/mug holder at Salvation Army ($1) and since I already use one of these hold my bracelets, I grabbed this one.  I was going to use it for bracelets when I was looking through my washi tape which was just stored jumbled up in a drawer. 

2013-09-26 023

So I grabbed some soft yellow spray paint and fixed that jumbled up in a drawer problem!

2013-09-26 018

Now I can see the colors/designs I have and find what I need fast.  It’s not rocket science, but sure makes things easier. 

2013-09-26 020

A little organization goes a long way!

2013-09-26 021

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