Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jenga Keychains {{by Sarah}}

It’s Sarah again. Thanks to my sis Ellen for allowing me to guest post again!   I still love to create new things from old things, so when I saw this cute keychain tutorial here, I knew that I had to make some. While browsing  a local thrift shop, I ran across these blocks for $1. They were screaming “pick me, pick me!” Funny how that happens when you have a project in mind, and the supplies you need just seem to talk to you. :c) Gotta love those thrift shops for inspiring creativity!
clip_image004I covered the blocks with Mod Podge and attached an eye screw in the end of each block for the key ring.   So, here are my creations!
Maps, vintage music, dictionary pages, scrapbook paper, fabric…        Oh, the possibilities are endless!
Thanks, Ellen, for letting me visit your blog again. Love ya!
Here is the keychain Sarah gave to me!
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Signature Sarah

2011 in Review

These are my favorite projects from 2011…hopefully you thought some of them were great too!  Click on the pictures to see the projects!
Paint Chip Mosaic Wall D├ęcor
Baby Onesie Dress and Headband
Old Spoon Plant Markers
Flower Girls Dress
Earrings to Wind Chimes
Button Bracelets
Felted Wool Pumpkins from Recycled Sweaters
Wool Felt Stacked Christmas Trees
Sheet Music Feathers
Crochet Hair Clips
I hope everyone has a great 2012!

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

When Pigs Fly

This is a comparison of how a knitted project turns out when you follow the pattern and how a project turns out when you do not follow the pattern!  These are both made from the same pattern, I pinned it a while back…100_2847
I made two of them for Christmas presents, one for a toddler without the wings and one for a knitter!  I always worry when I give a knitted item to a knitter…you have to worry about that dropped stitch in the second row and the fact that maybe you didn’t say, follow the directions!100_2846
The one on the left was knitted first, I thought I was following the directions, but actually decreased instead of increasing!  Trouble for sure!  I managed to fix it up so it was presentable…I do love these flying pigs though! 
I do love these tails…and they were so easy to make!
These piggies have a pink rubber ball inside them.  Makes it a bit of a challenge to knit around it when you first put it in there, but after a bit it gets easier. 
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you the best Christmas ever!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

And the winner is....

I used to choose the winner of this beautiful necklace from Shabby Apple! 
Congrats to 

"Melody said... 1

GFC Follower."

(I tried to copy the random selector box, but after 20 minutes, I gave up!)
Anyway, Melody, I am sending you an email now!  
Thanks for all who entered!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Senior Pictures…How could this be?

Sam had his senior pics taken today by his cousin (and my first niece)…I can’t believe he is a senior!  He pretty much told me that he wasn’t going to have his senior pics taken, but he didn’t seem to mind so much!


These are just the pics that I took, I can’t wait to get the real pics from Jess!








We even had a (late) Christmas pic taken to send out in the cards I haven’t even thought about yet!


Last Minute Gifts…BBQ Rub

I saw this recipe for BBQ rub on the Real Simple website.  I love Real Simple…so many great ideas there and I love their comparisons on what the best product is and their cost comparisons. 


I “borrowed” some jars from my SIL and made three Christmas gifts in less than 10 minutes! 


I just layered in each pint the ingredients…


Just FYI, each pint holds 1 1/2 recipes.  I packed it in snugly, tamping down the mixture with a measuring cup.  When I was done, I ran a bamboo skewer down the side all around to get the design (remember sand art?)  Love it! 


In combination with three potholders or a gift card, this makes a nice gift!  See my assistant Jack in the first four pics? No matter how I took the pic he was right there! 


I Mod Podged scrapbook paper to the jar lids for a more professional look…and I included the directions for using the rub on the gift tag.


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Friday, December 16, 2011

Crochet Hair Clips

Looking for a last minute quick gift to make for girls on your Christmas list?  These are so easy, I made seven of them with left over yarn while watching TV one evening. 
I chained about 5-6 inches and then turned and *half double crocheted in two chains, chained two and repeat from the * to the end of the chain.  Then just roll it up and sew it with the yarn tails to the holes in the hair clip.  Easy peasy!  I already had the supplies so these were FREE! 
I heart free things!!
The white felt flower I made from five felt circles.  Also easy!
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Christmas Cloche on the Cheap

I had this thrifted black base for a candle that I arranged a little holiday scenery on…I have been wanting a cloche or bell jar to go over the top of it…so I found this vase ($2) at a recent thrifting expedition to St. Louis with Mom and Sarah.  I forgot to take a before picture, so you will need to use your imagination to see this…
I turned the photo upside down so you can see this nice plain vase, it had a different shape to it that I liked and it is a really thick heavy glass.  I thought about a handle and came up with this ($2 at Hobby Lobby-50% off of course!)…
This was a glass knob from a drawer pull…I used E6000 to attach it in the center of the vase.  And taaaa-daaaa, there it is!  I saw a very similar cloche at a fancy gift shop recently and it was the exact same shape!  Love it!  I also found that I had several bases for the cloche in my cabinets…
A clear glass desert plate my grandma gave me…I’m not liking this pair as much as the next one…This is a white ironstone cake plate, also given to me by my grandma.  I love the way this looks!
Hard to take a picture with the sun shining so!
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