Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quilting class #2

We met for our second quilting class (here is our first class action)...there are now two quilt tops completely finished! I was so excited and proud! There is something that makes you want to finish a project like this if you are working with others and you see their progress alongside your own.
The tables were littered with cords and fabric and machines....

There was some chatting and comparing and of course we ordered lunch in....
Sherry brought her quilt top in completed....there was much ooohing and aaahing. This quilt is going to look fantastic on her bed! Sherry also started a new project (actually two new projects), pink baby quilts for newborn twins. She picked a combination of textures and fabrics....fleece, flannel, satin, cotton, terrycloth.
Those babies are going to love these quilts!

Brenda stayed the longest, and finished her quilt during class...which was great since she was not able to be here for the first class. Her quilt top is a great combination of blues and yellows, I made one very similar to it! Now I have to tell you that Brenda stomped into the class saying she had messed her quilt up so badly that she thought she was going to throw it in the trash can! And now her quilt top is wonderfully finished!

Fred's quilt is nearly finished..but unfortunately he spent the last hour of the class trying to figure out how to repair his machine.
The black sashing strip fabric has dogwoods blooms and is a really pretty fabric. Sherry used some of it in her quilt top too!

Caryn was checking out her quilt as she sewed strips together. Hers will be a king size quilt and the picture doesn't do the colors justice...very striking collection of prints-stripes, polka dots, paisley, mottled fabrics.

Penny came by toward the end of the class for help cutting her rectangle strips and she was so excited that her quilt top was coming right along!
I was very proud and I must admit a bit surprised that everyone had made such progress. Bonnie and Susie were not able to make it to this class, but I hear they are working on their quilts. Carol was also at this class, but for some crazy reason, I did not get a picture of her or her quilt! Ruth came back for a brief visit too!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Have I Been Doing?!

I have been doing all sorts of things....I am working on a scrub top for my niece Jess...we found this cool Mizzou fabric at Hobby has a
bit of a vintage look with all the older Mizzou logos. I have yet to start it though!
I made some pillow covers for Jess's couch also, an early birthday present...
I bought this fabric on major sale at Satin Stitches a few months back. It was $3 something a yard. Let me just say I stocked up on several different nice fabrics...Moda, Michael Miller, etc.
These colors were not even made by the same company, but they looked soooo good together.

Little extra snazziness at the sides with narrower block strips.
And this is the backing! Wild and crazy with stripes of leftover blocks down the middle.
The almost finished product, I thought it was so pretty. Makes me think of spring flowers and daffodils (even though those are daisies on the quilt) and warmer weather.

So until spring I will sit here in front of my wood stove and watch the flames consume the logs and feel the heat...and watch my amaryllis bloom.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Funky Felted Wool Slippers=Warm Tootsies

I found this 70s color wool yarn in a local thrift shop...$1 each skein. Two skeins of hot variegated pink and one skein of purple, doesn't get much better than that

I thought I would make some slipper socks since my sister Sarah has been ranting and raving about the ones she made herself! I used this pattern and with two sizes larger needles, double strands and the men's size directions since I was going to felt it.
I made one first just in case it didn't felt well. Then felted it, so I could see how this yarn felted.

It felted beautifully so I started my second slipper.
Here are the finished slippers, obviously the one on the left has been felted...the other one soon to follow!

Ta Dah!!!
I crocheted a simple flower from one strand of each color and then felted it as well. I sewed them on and sewed a button on the top of them. Very cute and they fit me perfectly and are oh so warm!

It all started with a Quilt!

OK, so it started with this quilt I made for the church fundraiser...we raffled it off. I had about a dozen folks who came to me about either making a quilt like it for them or teaching them how to make the quilt.
I didn't even consider it at first, but the idea kinda grew on me to have a quilt class. I had never taught a class before but thought how hard can it be? And I thought it would be fun. And we could use the church fellowship hall for the great eight foot tables! We met once a few weeks back to talk about supplies, fabrics, the pattern and to arrange a meeting date.
So at 8 am on a frigid morning (-4 degrees) we lugged in cutting tools, mats, ironing boards, sewing machines, irons, and lunch (of course) and off we went!
Susie was a bit late, but she caught up fast since she is making a baby quilt. First of all strips were cut...

The color combinations are beautiful. This may be too dangerous for I want to make more and more quilts.
Fred cutting diligently...who says men can't quilt?
Bonnie ironing her fabric...
Penny and Caryn sewing fast and furious!

The different sewing machines were interesting...some were really old...some were newer...

Carol's belonged to her mom and is a really neat Singer...It runs very smoothly.
Here is a psychedelic era Singer...1970s.
Ruth looking for the quilting app...surely there is an app for that!!

These three were nothing but trouble! They work together and were pretty wild!

Sherry shows off a fraction of the finished those colors!
We will meet again January 30th to finish the quilt tops...I am so excited to see how much progress everyone has made.

Quilt Kind of Christmas

I had lots of time to sew this spring so I made quilts for everyone for Christmas this year.
I showed a tease of the quilts a few weeks before Christmas here.
Well, here are the quilts with their recipients!
Charlie wanted a KC Chiefs quilt, so that is what he got! I did ask him because I wasn't sure what kind to make for him. I also considered a Cardinals design, but he went with the Chiefs!

Jess started it all...way back in the spring, she saw this whole cloth quilt that I had made for no one in particular...she went on about it so much I decided that would make a perfect Christmas present! Nothing like planning ahead.

This quilt went to Josh and Liz, for their new couch and remodeling they completed this fall. There are browns, blues, beiges to match their new living room.

Kate seems to like hers, but you know it is hard to tell with Kate!! I think she was very surprised, but since she is one of the family I wanted to make her one also.

This is Ruthie's cow quilt. She picked out the colors and actually purchased the materials for the top! She spent more than I would have but it had to be perfect! She loved it, once again, hard to tell, huh? We online shopped for just the right pink bandanna and brown cow print.
Now somehow I didn't get a picture of the recipients of this now
belongs to Chuck and Carol.
The owner of this sweet quilt is still in utero, I will have to post photos of Miss Audrey Lou on her quilt sometime later in the spring.

This quilt is for my mom and dad, but we haven't seen them since Thanksgiving, so it hasn't been gifted yet!