Sunday, January 10, 2010

It all started with a Quilt!

OK, so it started with this quilt I made for the church fundraiser...we raffled it off. I had about a dozen folks who came to me about either making a quilt like it for them or teaching them how to make the quilt.
I didn't even consider it at first, but the idea kinda grew on me to have a quilt class. I had never taught a class before but thought how hard can it be? And I thought it would be fun. And we could use the church fellowship hall for the great eight foot tables! We met once a few weeks back to talk about supplies, fabrics, the pattern and to arrange a meeting date.
So at 8 am on a frigid morning (-4 degrees) we lugged in cutting tools, mats, ironing boards, sewing machines, irons, and lunch (of course) and off we went!
Susie was a bit late, but she caught up fast since she is making a baby quilt. First of all strips were cut...

The color combinations are beautiful. This may be too dangerous for I want to make more and more quilts.
Fred cutting diligently...who says men can't quilt?
Bonnie ironing her fabric...
Penny and Caryn sewing fast and furious!

The different sewing machines were interesting...some were really old...some were newer...

Carol's belonged to her mom and is a really neat Singer...It runs very smoothly.
Here is a psychedelic era Singer...1970s.
Ruth looking for the quilting app...surely there is an app for that!!

These three were nothing but trouble! They work together and were pretty wild!

Sherry shows off a fraction of the finished those colors!
We will meet again January 30th to finish the quilt tops...I am so excited to see how much progress everyone has made.


Anonymous said...

Great post...great fun!! I've been working on mine this H's yet!


Karen Snyder said...

I love this quilt and this story! Is this a pattern I could find somewhere? If not, can you share yardage amounts and cutting instructions? This would be great for our guild's Tummy Time quilts.