Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Have I Been Doing?!

I have been doing all sorts of things....I am working on a scrub top for my niece Jess...we found this cool Mizzou fabric at Hobby Lobby...it has a
bit of a vintage look with all the older Mizzou logos. I have yet to start it though!
I made some pillow covers for Jess's couch also, an early birthday present...
I bought this fabric on major sale at Satin Stitches a few months back. It was $3 something a yard. Let me just say I stocked up on several different nice fabrics...Moda, Michael Miller, etc.
These colors were not even made by the same company, but they looked soooo good together.

Little extra snazziness at the sides with narrower block strips.
And this is the backing! Wild and crazy with stripes of leftover blocks down the middle.
The almost finished product, I thought it was so pretty. Makes me think of spring flowers and daffodils (even though those are daisies on the quilt) and warmer weather.

So until spring I will sit here in front of my wood stove and watch the flames consume the logs and feel the heat...and watch my amaryllis bloom.


jess said...

I love my pillows- they're awesome!!

Sonia said...

Lovely pincushions..You're something else, you know...how on earth do you manage to come up with such wonderful stuff??