Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quilt Kind of Christmas

I had lots of time to sew this spring so I made quilts for everyone for Christmas this year.
I showed a tease of the quilts a few weeks before Christmas here.
Well, here are the quilts with their recipients!
Charlie wanted a KC Chiefs quilt, so that is what he got! I did ask him because I wasn't sure what kind to make for him. I also considered a Cardinals design, but he went with the Chiefs!

Jess started it all...way back in the spring, she saw this whole cloth quilt that I had made for no one in particular...she went on about it so much I decided that would make a perfect Christmas present! Nothing like planning ahead.

This quilt went to Josh and Liz, for their new couch and remodeling they completed this fall. There are browns, blues, beiges to match their new living room.

Kate seems to like hers, but you know it is hard to tell with Kate!! I think she was very surprised, but since she is one of the family I wanted to make her one also.

This is Ruthie's cow quilt. She picked out the colors and actually purchased the materials for the top! She spent more than I would have but it had to be perfect! She loved it, once again, hard to tell, huh? We online shopped for just the right pink bandanna and brown cow print.
Now somehow I didn't get a picture of the recipients of this now
belongs to Chuck and Carol.
The owner of this sweet quilt is still in utero, I will have to post photos of Miss Audrey Lou on her quilt sometime later in the spring.

This quilt is for my mom and dad, but we haven't seen them since Thanksgiving, so it hasn't been gifted yet!

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