Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fabric and Ribbon Binky Leashes

Brady (my newest nephew) asked me to make him some binky holders so he doesn’t lose his binky when he is out and about! 
Brady’s mama picked out the ribbon and clips (we found the clips on etsy for 35 cents each!) **Update—I found the mitten clips at JoAnns Fabric—actually they are on elastic strips used to hold the cover on the ironing board…8 in a package for $2! (50% off notions sale!). I found that fabric made the best straps, the ribbon is OK, but I like the fabric straps better. 
I used ponytail elastics to make the loop at the end on some of the straps and a few of them I just used a loop of ribbon.
Loving the polka dots and the camo!
Some of them I used iron on fusible tape instead of sewing the ribbons together and I am afraid they are a little stiff, so not sure they will be good.  They may be good to attach toys to the stroller or car seat too. 
I am just sure Brady will love them!
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I’ve been up to…

First of all, my boy started college yesterday…one chapter ends and another one starts.  I am so proud of him!


Made some thumb tacks and paper clips for my favorite school teacher…shhhh, she doesn’t know yet!  I made them with some scraps left over from the classroom curtains I made for her!


I bought $11 worth of peacock feathers at an auction…I read up on washing peacock feathers and gave it a shot because these feathers were really dusty.


Very easy to do and the process was quite successful.  I am loving the colors of these feathers…anyone who knows me perhaps already knew that!


I made a bouquet of some of them and have a ton more for crafting and such!


Love this vase…

I received a beachy package from a friend (whom I have never met) from Facebook…I commented on how jealous I was that she lived near the beach and she sent me a lovely collection of beachy goodness!


Sea glass, driftwood, sand, stones, seashells, and a sand dollar all wrapped up and mailed to me from California! 


I love this fabric…I had seen it online and it was quite expensive…well, guess what?  Sarah gave me a remnant of it she found at Hancocks in Paducah!  It is even better in person!  Great colors and wonderful for all us seamstresses and quilters!


I think there’s just a bit over a half yard…trying to decide what to make!


I’ve got to get this wild beast Weego into obedience classes…she is a wild dog! 


Baby Brady and his mom Jess are here for the past week, so I have spent some time snuggling and visiting with them!


Love this picture!


Future Mizzou grad!  He started smiling when I held up my iPhone!  Seems he likes the wild cheetah case I have.


On the way home last night we saw this…a very tame young buck standing in the road visiting with three walkers who were petting him and he was rubbing his antlers against them…strange!


He headed right over to our car when we stopped, curious.  I am guessing he must have been human-raised to be so comfortable around humans.  He sure looked healthy.

I have also been de-cluttering my house!  I carried out five bags to Goodwill and boxed up probably another four to five boxes to the auction. And did I mention that was all from my closet/bedroom? 

It’s been killer busy at work this past few weeks, I work in a pediatric specialty doc’s office, so I have been busy doing paperwork for schools and kids with special needs.  Keeps me very busy!

Hope you are having a good week!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Easy Cute Ballerina Tutu

I was cruising the clearance aisle at Wal Mart the other day and found this cute Simplicity kit for making a tutu dress.  It was $9 on clearance, a bit pricey, but I decided to give it a try to see how it worked up.
The directions were pretty simple in three languages no less…
It worked up in about 30 minutes to attach the skirt and another ten minutes to make the flower on the bodice and the matching headband (of course).
The top is lined, but the stretchy bodice is made from that stretchy stuff that baby headbands are made from…
It is the stuff that Disney princesses and fairies are made of!
Dreams and unicorns…
Very sweet…I can’t wait to give it to my nieces for their dress up collection!
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Paint Chip Button Magnets

I found this Martha Stewart craft punch in a button design.  The edge is embossed, so it is raised after you punch it out and looks like a real button.  I got it for half off…regularly it is 12.99!


I cut out the button design and used my 1” punch to cut a contrasting color, then glued them together.  Did I mention that I used paint chips for these?  Lots of color ranges and for some reason I have lots of them.


I bought the large flat marbles at the Dollar Tree, guess how much they cost?  Hmmm, let me try to remember, oh yeah, 1 buckeroo!


I tried to use Mod Podge and the Dimensional Magic Mod Podge to attach the paint chips to the glass, but that didn’t work so well.  The diet coke is mandatory for such a project too!


I used the Martha Stewart gel adhesive. I really like that stuff!


Here they are drying in the sun!  Looking good!  I also cut out some just plain circles for plain magnets!


After gluing a small magnet to the back of the glass, here’s the finished product! 


Makes a great gift for a sewing or crafting friend or family member!


These were made from one colorway…looked great but there is a kind of crackle finish somehow by accident.  I sorta like the look though!

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

What I am working on this week…


Recovering from vacation…why does it always take a week or so to get back into the swing of things?


Working on some things for my poor neglected etsy shop!


I love bakers twine wrapped on vintage spools!


Making a cute little initial onesie for my favorite baby nephew!


Don’t look too closely…freehand!


Finally got around to ironing and washing these stamped kitchen towels I made here.  I heat set then and washed them and they are as soft as can be.


Even the hospital towels…they are coarser fabric so I wasn’t sure, but they turned out great!


And I got another quilt bound and am tacking the binding down by hand.  This is a sweet little girl quilt!


Love the quilting!

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