Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Paper Feathers

Another Pinterest idea!  I loved the way these feathers looked when I saw them on Pinterest…so I made some out of an old songbook. 
You can go here to see how to make them!
I think I am leaving mine on the Christmas tree!
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

Sarah and I went Black Friday shopping…we are not traditional Black Friday shoppers, we went to JoAnn’s and then we went thrift shopping!
I found the jar on the left at a junk store…it was $1.50.  I love the bubbles in the glass and love the color.  The jar on the left has a really short neck, I think it must be older.  I was telling Mom about finding this jar and she told me she had lots of them. I wanted some pints but we only found quarts.  So now I have four of these!
I found this little box for a few bucks…definitely has some age to it.  I found the clay looking peppermint canes for $2.25 each at a gift store and also found this scrumptious room spray…it has an orange/clove fragrance which is heavenly!
I also got a pile of fabric at JoAnn’s…spent $52 and everything I bought will be used to make a Christmas present this year!  The receipt said I saved $175!!
Darling burlap garland…
Lots of snow people…
These snowman faces were painted on fabric wrapped balls…
And wonderful felted wool stockings, big enough for any sized elf!
The wool felt mooses were very cute!
I loved the brown wool heart ornaments.
This cat was the guard cat at the junk store…she was very sweet but wouldn’t budge an inch when I checked out!
She’s clearly in charge!
I listed these in my etsy shop this evening and they were gone before the hour was out!
Speaking of shopping…shop here and enter ShopMonday15 as a coupon code for 15% off everything in my shop!

Sarah’s posting soon!

I have this sister named Sarah…
Sarah and Ellen
She is really crafty…but she always says I am the crafty one…
She is the middle girl of five, so she is that notorious middle child!  Well, except we also have three brothers.  Yep, that is a total of eight kids!
And yep, that’s a total of four all polyester leisure suits in that photo!  And you can’t tell but there are three (maybe four) maxi dresses! Trust me, they were in style then.  At least I hope they were because we were all wearing them then!
So Sarah and I exchange gifts every other months, must be handmade things…usually that we make for the other.  I have made lots of cool things, most of which you see here on my blog.  Sarah doesn’t really have a blog, but I have been encouraging her to start one.  She always says she doesn’t have time.   But she made this felted wool ball garland.
And these JOY blocks…
and these labels for my crafts…
And these wonderful mug mats for my desk at work….
And this really cute felted present for my tree…
And darling snowman magnet for the fridge…
And this soap holder for the shower…
And this package for Christmas last year…  Well, you get the idea, I guess…Sarah is very crafty and I am happy to announce she is going to be doing an occasional guest post here and there!  So, watch closely for the next post, which will be by Sarah!

Cute Owl Hat

Cute toddler owl hat…I made it this weekend from scraps of yarn I already had on hand.  It is for a little girl, Miss Audrey, for Christmas…shhhh, don’t tell!
The pictures make it look kind of like a monster hat, hope it is not too scary!
I found the pattern online, I sort of made my own version (shocking, huh?) and tweaked it to make it my own!  I used this pattern and this one and this one!
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Knit Cowl…thank you Pinterest!

Pretend like that vase is a person’s head and neck!  I tried to take my picture wearing this but it just didn’t work out!  Anyway, I was pinning away on Pinterest one day and found this really cool cowl. 
I am not much of a scarf wearer because I don’t like the ends hanging down from my coat or blowing in the breeze.  I think this is a great solution! 
All it took was a few hours watching TV.  I didn’t have the size 17 circular needles so I went with a few more stitches around and used size 15 circular needles.   I did use the yarn that Maggie used from Smashed Peas and CarrotsWool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Yarn…I used the Barley color. 
Anyway, I am pleasantly pleased with how easy and cute it turned out!
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.    
~~  John F. Kennedy

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Yep, that’s right, random.org picked commenter #3 (I tried several times to copy the little random.org box, but couldn’t make it paste)!!

Rachel said... 3

I think my favorite etsy item is the bird's nest with the music note eggs.

Just email me Rachel and I will get your package mailed!

Christmas Garlands

This garland is so cute and so easy to make!  I used some wool felt and just cut squares a bit over an inch square…then I strung them onto coordinating baker’s twine. 
I love the way it turned out!  I made each one 12-14 feet long so it will actually make a few circles around the tree. 
The wind was really strong today, you can see how the garland was blown all around!
I made the garland from this sweater…it has the best colors!  Bright lime green, bright red and blue.  Perfect for a garland. 
I am working on getting the Christmas tree up and the decorations out later today, then this garland will hang on the tree!
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