Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Thoughts

I wandered around in the yard today…
Usually around my birthday (which was a few days ago) I feel lucky to have a few daffodils blooming…
This year the daffodils are already bloomed and the blooms are dried up…but these narcissus are blooming like crazy!  These I dug up from my great grandma’s home site years ago and planted them all around my home and even in the woods.  These flowers will grow anywhere!
And I was tickled to find the hydrangea sprouting!  I got it last year and it had a beautiful blue bloom on it when I planted it, but no further blooms. It was pretty scrawny too, and it got too dry a few times, but apparently it survived!
Sure hope it blooms this year!
Any time I go out in the yard my two yellow kitties follow me around, just begging me to take their pictures!
My son made this swing out of a board from the garage when he was 10 or so…he used to swing on it nearly every day…I have to smile when I see it out there swinging in the breeze.  My boy is 18 now!
The lilac bush is going to have beautiful blooms in a few more warm days.  It rained all day today but after a few more days of sunshine, it will be wonderful!
I planted about 200 of these grape hyacinths over the past few years…I can only find about 10 of them scattered around the yard. 
This might be why I can’t find more of them…the cats tromp all over the yard!
Although this cat certainly looks innocent!
I never seem to have trouble growing dandelions though!  Happy spring!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lace Doily Bunting

I have been collecting lacy doilies that are imperfect for this project, I haven’t spent more than 25 cents on any of them, some are new, some are old.
This would make great decorations for a wedding…
I used extra wide double fold bias tape…I buy mine on a 100 yard roll here.  It is very nice quality and very cheap.
All I did was cute the doilies in half, the squares I cut diagonally. The ones with big stains, I cut so the stained part was discarded. 
I love how it turned out…I was a bit worried about the white bias tape and the shades of off-white doilies. 
I am thinking this would look great in my bedroom…
I am linking to these great parties…

Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Package Pals Gift Arrived!

Jenn from A Jennuine Life was my package pal…My package arrived yesterday and you could have heard me squeal two states away!  I have always wanted a knitting or crocheting bag, even looked at one in the store, but just didn’t like them.  Well guess what, Jenn made me one! Here it is!  Of course I had to fill it up with yarn and needles to show it off better!100_3659
There is a wonderful bright orange place to hold needles and hooks, perfect size…and a perfect pocket to hold my pattern.  She stuck in a Debbie Bliss knitting magazine.
And on each side, a place for the yarn to come out!  This bag is so cute, I was thinking about using it as a purse!
Picnik collage
I love Jenn’s label too!  And wait…that’s not all!
Picnik collage
Some double fold bias tape, some flower cabachons and metal tags for making jewelry.  And two pieces of wool felt, great blue colors and…
Picnik collage
this great bin made from fabric and an embroidery hoop!  I love this…hadn’t really seen anything like this before, but I know right where it is going.  Right on the sewing table to hold different things!  Whew, I think that is it!  Thanks so much Jenn! 
Package Pal 001
Here is what I sent to Jenn…she was kind enough to let me use the picture she put together (just because she’s nice like that!). 
Thanks for hosting this great exchange Jamie! Go here to check out all the Package Pals gifts!

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Place and Yours

Today I am linking up with Deb over at My Place and Yours...

I love the color blue in case you didn't notice!

The topic is where do you sleep...

I love my room...all blue and cool and calm...
Everything in the room means something to me...
Makes for a good snooze!