Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Butterfly Eggs

These cute eggs came out of the closet for my Easter decorations…I don’t do as much holiday decorating now that my son is older, but I do love these eggs.  This is a repost from last year, but since it’s that time of the year…


Supplies:  Mod Podge (I used matte), dictionary pages (or music or maps or wrapping paper or napkins or any other paper or fabric that would look good wrapped around eggs), scissors, and of course eggs (you could use plastic, paper mache, wooden, or even real blown out eggs for this craft)! 


I didn’t buy these eggs specifically for this project, they were with a pile of stuff I bought at an auction!  They were the most ugly old country colors—forest green, burgundy and odd shade of navy and a mustardy yellow.  Just ugly!  And I almost pitched them!  The more looked at them though…the more I thought about what I could do with them!


So, I cut the dictionary pages into about 1 1/2 inch strips, and just slathered Mod Podge to both the eggs and the paper.  The butterflies(actually I think they are moths) were printed onto another dictionary page.  I cut them out loosely and Mod Podged them on the eggs!


Cute spring decoration in a pretty basket…


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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Vintage Rhinestone Button Hairpins


I bought some vintage buttons on etsy (sorry, but I can’t remember what shop) to use for centers of fancy wool felt flowers. 


Seems like I bought a few dozen of them, so I had spares.  I have used flat back or non shank buttons to make hair pins for my nieces. 


So I cut the shank off these buttons and used E6000 to glue the buttons to the hairpins!  Very minimal cost and they are so cute!


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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Who me? Yes, I won a $75 Lowes gift card!

This post may or may not be is a month or so late…but yes, I won a $75 gift card for Lowes from a giveaway on Crap I’ve Made!! Char sent me an email that I was the winner as several other “winners” didn’t answer her  emails. Lucky me, I was so excited!


I went in the store determined that I would not spend more than the $75 on the card and I had several projects in mind that I needed supplies for.  I also wanted to get some Valspar spray paint which I had heard about but never used before…


The color choices were amazing and I fell hard for these three colors which are slightly different in shade. All gloss, tropical glass, exotic sea and peacock blue!  I have used the exotic glass on my new to me wicker mirror.


The practical side of me bought some light bulbs too!  I couldn’t help it…needed them, so in the basket! 


I bought the wood legs and brackets and used this leftover 2 x 12 to make a short table.  I was going to use it painted for plants in front of the doors, but my son claimed it as a shelf for his computer table.  It works great there.  So, since he didn’t want it painted, I just sanded it well.  I can always paint it when he is done with it.


I bought this ready to use shelf board and the brackets to hang it with.  It’s going in my sewing room to hold supplies in mason jars.  More on that when I get it hung on the wall!


Oh, and I also got the newest copy of the HGTV Magazine and some sandpaper!  I did spend less than $10 on the total sale as I forgot to calculate the tax into the final amount.  I actually had a few houseplants that were on the clearance aisle but I put them back so I would stay within my budget! 

Don’t you just love to spend money that you don’t have to pay for?  Have a great week!


Wicker Mirror in Exotic Sea


I used to have one of these mirrors in the 80s I think….I have always liked the real wicker, but wasn’t sure what to do with it to update. I found this one in great shape for $6 and brought it home with me.  In the past I had one painted white, but wanted something with more color.


I had my staff take a look at it…


They really didn’t have much to say about the project, so I took it upon myself to go to my stash of paint.  I used one of the colors I got from my $75 Lowe’s gift card shopping spree—Exotic Sea Gloss!


I took the mirror apart and replaced the cardboard back with a pressboard scrap I had in the garage (after I painted the wicker of course!).


Spray painted it with the Valspar Spray Paint with Primer.  It goes on smoothly and evenly and gives a perfect finish…


My assistant is pleased I think…actually he always looks like that so I don’t know what’s up with him. 


Here’s the wall while I am still working on it…had to get it tweaked just right.  Eventually I hung a big starfish in the collection and I am pleased with that!


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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Paris Love


For Jess’s birthday I made this LOVE project.  I used a new map of Paris…couldn’t find an old one although I looked for several months. 


I used Mod Podge to attach the map to 8 inch paper mache letters , smoothing the edges and trimming as I went…I used plain brown Kraft paper for the back to make it look professional.


I tried to be sure I included all the places Jess and Mike went on their trip to Paris.  You can see the Eiffel tower on the L!


I love how it looks in the nook Jess created! 


I am thinking of covering an E for my letter wall in my bedroom with a Connecticut map since that is where I was born.  And maybe make an S letter covered in a Missouri map for my son’s room.  The possibilities are endless!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Owl always love you!


Cute huh?


Bradykins and I (and his mama Jess) did our first (but not our last) craft together!


This sweet boy wanted to send a card to his dad who is deployed…so we got crafty with some ink and some scrapbooking paper. 


Brady’s learning how to wave bye bye here, it’s fairly amusing to him!


Off to JoAnn Fabrics to find some scrappy papers and some blank greeting cards.


I needed a simple owl to use as a pattern and I loved this guy, I found him on a Google image search.   We printed the owl and


used it to cut an owl from some green paper, I added eyes and a belly from the scrap pack.  Very cute if I do say so myself!


Brady kinda hung around while we put the cards together.


Then we restrained put him in his high chair so we could get the footprints we needed to make the wings on the owl.  He ate puffs while we had our way with his cute little piggies!


Here’s the finished product!  So cute!!


And his mama wrote a very sweet note to his daddy…his daddy gets to come home soon too!


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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Candle Holder Makeover


I found this sad pillar candle holder at Goodwill for just $2.


It was from Kohl’s and originally cost $24.99.  I glued a section of it together…it wasn’t completely broken but it was wobbly.  The glue did the trick and it was solid again.


After a good cleaning and sanding, I used some leftover latex paint and distressed it a bit.


A coat of lacquer was the last step and it was done!


I found the perfect candle that smells so good at Hobby Lobby, with my coupon of course!


It has a beachy feel which is my favorite.


I love it and have been on the outlook for another wooden candle holder to make a grouping of them.



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