Saturday, March 9, 2013

Some Colorado Crafting

My niece Jess had been working on painting some frames for a big empty wall.  She asked me to help her as she had some trouble with the spray painting. The frames are particle board, so they sucked the paint right up, but the paint didn’t come out smoothly, there were lots of bumps and glossy spots. 


I suggested a different kind of paint so off we went to Lowes (with out handsome helper!) to find some Valspar spray paint.  It’s my new favorite!


I grabbed my coffee Diet Coke…


We had to work fast because it was naptime!  Jess fixed me up with this awesome trash bag skirt apron to keep the paint off my new jeans. 


We sanded the paint imperfections off the frames and started again with the Valspar paint and primer in one.


They turned out excellent!!  Love how they will look hung up!  The ones on the bottom right were brass frames from the Restore in Loveland, Colorado, we just primed and painted them!  Jess ordered the other frames from Cut it Out Already…they are really inexpensive and have tons of shapes and sizes!


The frames did not come with glass so we picked up glass from the Restore as well, 50 cents or a dollar a frame!


The wall where they will hang is a forest green.


We didn’t get them up on the wall during my visit, but I think they are going to look awesome!



I am linking to some of these great parties!


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familytribe said...

I love to use spray paint. Valspar is my favorite too! The frames turned out great. :)