Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A great vacation…

I have been in Colorado visiting this little guy and his mama Jess and my niece Kate…I came home to no internet service and have been working on that since Saturday.  Just got it restored today!


Is he cute or what??  We did a lot of crafting and shopping, but the favorite part for me was hanging around with family.


Jess is such a good mama!


I got in late (or early depending how you look at it) because the Denver airport was closed.  My first flight was cancelled and I was on three other flights before the Denver airport reopened. So my first morning there I had only slept 4 hours, so Brady and I took a nap together.


We made a laid back trip to Lowes to get some spray paint for a project that Jess wanted me to help her with.


Brady is pretty much a “go with the flow” kid!  He is really sweet!


One night Jess and Kate were cooking dinner…Brady had just eaten so I got him out of the highchair and found this!  He had poo under his arm and behind his knee!  Very talented I tell you!


So he had to have a bath right there in the kitchen sink. 


Throughout the detox process he was just as happy as a clam! 


Jess and I got pedicures…my foot is on the right and it is a Muppet color, Gonzo something or something Gonzo!


Brady was fascinated with the flashlight.


Maggie rode along with us to see Kate and her cat Brutus!


Brutus is not so excited about being on a leash!  Nothing like taking a leashed cat on a walk or a crawl as it was!


Brady started eating puffs while I was there…he wasn’t so excited about them at first.


He was asking to be picked up…the puffs were trying to get him!


Such a happy baby!


Brady is especially cute when he wakes up from a nap…


Jess loves the snuggle time!


I set Brady in the sink thinking he would be safe there while I was finishing my “beauty routine”…I had turned the faucets off tightly thinking he wouldn’t be able to turn the water on.  Wrong!  He gasped loud and I looked down and he had the cold water streaming onto his tummy and into his diaper. 


The view from outside my bedroom!  I just love the mountains…just couldn’t get enough of them!


I asked Jess to take some new pics for me for the blog. Love them and thanks so much Jess!


We ate good food…avocado chicken salad in pita and fresh cucumbers. Scrumptious!!


Brady also got his first tooth while I was there (bottom right in case you can’t see it!).  We had to snap a pic of it, much to Brady’s chagrin!  The next day it was much taller…he had been a bit fussy and not acting himself for a few days before, so we knew something was up!

Anyway, thanks to Jess for her great hospitality!  I love you guys so much and can’t wait to see you again!


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jess said...

great visit!!! so glad you came out! love you!