Sunday, February 24, 2013

40 BAGS 40 DAYS Week Two Progress

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You can read about my first week’s progress here. I have been continuing to work on cleaning out drawers and that sort of thing, but haven’t actually gotten rid of anything else.  Unless you count the indoor garage sale that I took those 26 bags/boxes to yesterday!  I made over $100 after expenses and got rid of all that stuff! And it happened in the midst of 10 inches of unplowed snow!  So I had to go to the storage building and wade through snow to the unit, find that the lock was frozen over and trudge back to the car, drive to the truck stop (we’re talking big time desire to get rid of this stuff!), get some lock de-icer, and trudge back through the snow to work on the lock for ten more minutes. 


Here’s the day before…my car got plowed in so I had to trudge (really getting a lot of use out of that word!) down the street to a local hotel because the university’s snow plows had plowed me in on three sides and it was still snowing.  The street I work on looked like a parking lot, so I was afraid I couldn’t get out anyway. 


So anyway, I digress, I finally got the lock unfrozen and starting the trek back to the car dozens of time.  I may or may not have made several inadvertent snow angels with my butt either to or from the car!  I fell several times, but hey, that much snow is soft!  I got most of it in my car (my help cancelled on me at the last minute so I had to leave some of it behind in the storage building) and a very nice man carried it in for me at the garage sale.  So, anyway, most of it is officially gone.  At least it’s not coming back into my house!


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Unknown said...

Well, Hooray for your determination! Now that story sure shows how much you wanted it all gone. And just think - that's a lot of stuff out of your life PLUS you got a little money in your pocket. This 40 bags in 40 days sure is inspiring!