Monday, December 31, 2012

Some Hobby Lobby Shopping

OK, if you are like me, it’s not a wise idea to go to Hobby Lobby this time of year because of their winter clearance.  Christmas stuff was 66% off, so I went in to get some of my usual post-Christmas deals…tissue paper, tape, wrapping paper, Christmas decorations for next year.


I wandered off into their section of 50% off home décor stuff…oh my!  I loved this driftwood wreath…I can imagine it with seashells scattered around.  It was regularly $49.99 and weighed a ton. I can’t see myself paying $25 for a wreath that I am going to decorate so I passed on it…


I love these chunky wood wreaths…looks like mini firewood pieces!


There was a whole aisle of “man cave” wall décor and art!  This wreath was really thick.


And this one was really nice too, they were all different from the usual grapevine wreaths.


They had a whole aisle of just Paris prints and canvases.  Loved this one, it was only $10. 


These ceramic tables were great!  I think the color would look great in my living room!

What treasures have you found lately?


Happy New Year!

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Another Christmas Present…felted wool slippers

I love Knotsewcute on etsy!  I used their pattern to make my son felted slippers for Christmas.  And yes on the 23rd I was still crocheting away!  He wears as size 14 and the pattern only goes to a size 13, so I added some stitches.  They look like two different sizes here, but they were identical!
They were as long as my bed pillows before I tossed them into the washer several times.  In fact, they were still damp when Sam put them on Christmas morning.
Anyway, big score!  He loved them and they fit!  I made them in New York Yankees colors…his favorite baseball team. 
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 Top Viewed Posts of 2012

I love to do this type of post!  I definitely appreciate my followers and their comments!

So here is #12—Cement gazing ball coming in at 1438 views!
cement ball
#11 Knotted Burlap Wreath with 1549 views…
knotted burlap
#10 Butterfly Eggs with 1686 views…
#9 Painted Glass Bottles coming in at 1732 views!
#8 is Dictionary Page Note Cards…one of my favorites with 1733 views.
note cards
#7 is Cardboard Rose Wreath with 2025 views!
cardboard wreath
#6 is Painting Glass Jars with 2647 page views!
glass jars
#5 is Drop Cloth Patio Umbrella, still really proud of my work here, with 2670 views!
drop cloth umbrella
Coming in at #5 is my Ruffle Yarn post with 2798 views!
ruffle yarn scarf
And #3 was my Pinterest inspired  Yardstick Stool Makeover with 2833 views!
yardstick stool
My sister gift to Sarah came in at #2 with 8810 views for the Heart Necklace!
heart necklace
And a drum roll please….the #1 viewed post was Flower Wall Art at 18,056 views!!!
flower wall art
Thanks to all my loyal readers and followers!  None of this would be possible without you!
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

PJ Pants All Around for Christmas

This is where it all started…Black Friday, JoAnns at approximately 0600.  And that is what 71 yards of flannel looks like!  It was 75% off that day and if you have never been to the Black Friday sale at JoAnns you can compare it to a stampede of goal oriented hungry cattle after they have had nothing to eat for 2 1/2 weeks.  That’s my baby sister Jenny with me…
Not sure what’s going on with my hind leg there, but it was very early in the morning. I have been known in the past to make everyone on my Christmas list a pair or two of PJ pants for Christmas. 
After this year I am so over the urge to make PJ pants for anyone!  This stack of cut-out, ready-to-be-sewn-up PJ pants mocked me from the time I cut them out until I finished them, yup all 21 pair!  Mocked me!
I bought one pattern, because everyone has their own size preference, shorter legs, longer legs, smaller waist, etc.  I made them from a size 9mos to 2XL tall.  I used two patterns, one a children's size 2-6 and one a multi-size adult.  The baby pants I made my own pattern for…
Milo helped me quite a bit…he stayed mostly by my feet, occasionally standing up asking me if I was done yet.
I cut out the largest pants first with the pattern and then just cut the pattern down to the smaller sizes, the pattern was pretty tattered at the end and I believe it might have accidentally fallen into the trash can anyway! Accidentally of course!!  Then after I got all the long seams sewn, I had to place the hems and the waist line casings…and then the elastic!  I did all these assembly style, just running them through the machine, doing one part at a time.  Sometimes it got very confusing…hope no one has one leg that is tighter than the other or worse yet, a different fabric! 
The cutest pair, for little monkey boy!  I have another pair cut out for Baby Brady but haven’t found the gumption to sew them up yet!
Ruthie’s got a barnyard theme…and Mindy’s had peace signs and monkeys on hers.
Quite a lineup, huh?
Charlie always mauls his siblings with wild abandon…immediately after or sometimes during a photo session!
Laney’s had cute pink, red and orange owls…Audrey’s had cute little kitty cats. 
Here's Mindy with Brady...they have matching PJs!

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Decorating my new office

Back in October while I was on my Connecticut vacation, my office moved to a new building.  It is my fourth office in the almost two years I have worked here.  The fun part was that I got to decorate it all my self.  It came with cream colored walls and one mauve wall'; I put my ginormous bulletin board on the that mauve wall (to hide the color). 


I moved a few pictures over from my old office, like the one you see in the mirror above I made from paint chips a few years ago.  You can go here to see that project.


I now have a nice bookcase, but very few books to put in in so I organized it with baskets and of course have quite a few things to show off on those shelves!


Here’s the paint chip wall hanging in its corner, and the birds nest wall hanging I found at Goodwill for $3.  I was thrilled and it is in excellent shape! 


Sam got me these two canvases for Christmas (he gave them to me in October) and the mirror is a  $1 thrift store find.


I love this saying….


Here’s the birds nest from Goodwill and above it is a canvas that I Mod Podged a printed 8.5 x 11 paper onto.  It turned out nicely. 


I made this chalkboard from a pretty picture frame I found at Goodwill…really I do shop other places, but love the thrift stores.


I thought it looked kinda plain so I added some grey and blue flowers, wool of course! 


The lamp was only $15 at the Salvation Army store in town, perfect for the desk.  I like to have all sorts of inspirational quotes and pictures, I do spend 9 hours a day in this spot, so it may as well suit me!  It has been fun to put it all together…


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