Monday, February 27, 2012

Glass Knob Jars

I saw this on the Nate Berkus show, I had never even seen this show until my mom was talking about the show one day.  So, I started taping the shows and found this project.  I loved the idea and thought they would be good in my sewing/craft room to tidy things up a bit!
Jars full of seashells, washi tape…
I made mine different (of course, can’t follow those dang directions!)…I just glued my knobs on, instead of drilling holes in the lids.

I used E6000 and glued those puppies right on there.  You aren’t going to be picking them up with the knobs anyway!
Total cost…zip!  I had the jars--the clear glass ones came in a box from an auction, the paint was leftover, the knobs were ones I have had for years—saving them for just this project, had all the other supplies.  I love it when that happens!

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Vintage Yarn Label Tray

I have been collecting vintage yarn labels for some reason…well I finally figured out what that reason was!
I cut the labels to make a collage and glued to the inside of this Hobby Lobby tray (found at 80% off!).  Slapped a dozen or a hundred coats of Mod Podge onto it and I was done! 
I do love it though…these labels are really cool!  I especially like the yellow chick label...mohair yarn made for JCPenny's!  

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Painting my Sunday away…

I painted the base of my newest cloche! 
These lids and these eggs…
This tray…more about it later…and this finial d├ęcor.
And this frame..more about this later too!

Driftwood Mobile

I have been meaning to make one of these forever.  My Craftsman drill has been broken for a while, so I was waiting for that to be remedied!  Anyhooo, I just bought a new drill/screw driver and love it, it is a Skilz brand and has a lot more get up and go than the old one!  So, I got my driftwood out and lined them up to be in graduated lengths.
I drilled a single hold in the approximate middle of each piece of wood.  I looked all over for some sea glass that I could drill holes in, but then had trouble finding the glass drill bit. 
So I ended up going with sea glass colored beads, strung one or two of them between each piece of driftwood.  I just used a fine nylon string that I found in the garage.  I would think some nylon fishing line would be good as well.
I will be glad when the trees leaf out and there will be more of a “natural” background!  We have had such a mild winter, even so I am ready for it to be over! 
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Painted Glass Bottles

These bottles look great painted on the inside!  Very easy, takes some time because it is done in steps, but very easy!  And I love how shiny they are on the outside!
I started out with two vases and an old bottle I paid a few dollars for at a thrift store (where else?)…
I used some left over paint I had (it is regular wall paint) and just poured it in.  I kept moving the bottle to distribute the paint as evenly as possible.  When the inside is all covered, I sat them upside down to let the extra paint drain out (the first one I didn’t do that step and it took a week to dry!).
Repeat as you desire!
I put mine in the window to let them dry, still took several days, but well worth the wait! 
It was so pretty today I painted everything that I had been waiting for a pretty day for…if it held still, I painted it!
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Habitat for Humanity Restore

I found out about Habitat for Humanity’s Restore a few years ago and I go visit them several times a year.  This is their mission statement:
The Restore is a division of Show-Me Central Habitat for Humanity - a non-profit ecumenical organization dedicated to eliminating poverty housing. We recycle used, overstocked, discontinued, seconds and salvageable building material donated by individuals, firms and contractors. The donated items are used to build houses for low-income families or offered for sale to the general public to raise funds for building houses.
That’s great to be able to somehow help this cause…but did you know they have all sorts of things besides building supplies?  I found all these things at the Restore this past weekend. 
Glass candlesticks and a cowbell (very cheap)…
and a bunch of tiles I will use for mosaic flower pots…
a Budweiser bucket (I have plans of covering it with paint) and four rolls of scotch tape (like in office supply size—50 cents each) and clay pots and saucers (can’t walk past them at 25 cents each) and an aluminum dish pan (like my Grandma used—$1).
The big basket was 25 cents…my total bill was $4.70!  Crazy!  And I found out that they have a big yard sale in a few months, I am certainly going to have to check that out!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hey girl...

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I am not that much of a Ryan Gosling fan, but these are sooo funny!!  You can see more of them here...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Microwave Caramels

I tried another of my Pinterest pins this weekend and it was a big hit!
Microwave caramels…who would have thunk you could make something this scrumptious in the microwave???
I made two batches…the first was rock hard and could not be chewed or cut with any knife I had in my kitchen…I didn’t want to get the chain saw out, so I ended up tossing it into the trash!  I couldn’t even melt it!
I scooped the caramel out with a melon baller before it set up.  And these caramels also boiled over in the microwave and created a ginormous mess, but yet they turned out perfect!  And the taste is so smooth and wonderful!
Click on the picture to get the Jenn’s recipe on Eat Cake for Dinner!

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Dictionary Page Note Cards

The peacock is my favorite. I dropped little drops of glue with a fine applicator onto each feather eye (hard to see here) and then sprinkled different colored glitter!  Love me some glitter!
Aren’t these cards great?  I bought a 50 pack of plain cards at Michael’s ($4 with my 50% off coupon), used my stash of dictionaries (I have several, but haven’t paid more than $1 for any of them) and some adhesive to make these cards. 
I used Google Image search to look for various fun drawings to print on the pages.  So, tape a dictionary page to a printer size paper.  Find an image you want on your dictionary page and copy it, then paste into a word document (his is how I do it, may not be the easiest way).  Adjust the size to fit the size of the cards you have and then center the image on the document so it will be in the center of your dictionary page.
Then just print…I just taped the top of the dictionary page to the paper so it is easier to remove.  All the pages printed just fine that way.
These are really striking as cards.  You could also make a paper to be be Mod Podged onto canvas, or just frame a full size print.  Another cute idea would be to print on sheet music. 
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