Sunday, March 24, 2013

Who me? Yes, I won a $75 Lowes gift card!

This post may or may not be is a month or so late…but yes, I won a $75 gift card for Lowes from a giveaway on Crap I’ve Made!! Char sent me an email that I was the winner as several other “winners” didn’t answer her  emails. Lucky me, I was so excited!


I went in the store determined that I would not spend more than the $75 on the card and I had several projects in mind that I needed supplies for.  I also wanted to get some Valspar spray paint which I had heard about but never used before…


The color choices were amazing and I fell hard for these three colors which are slightly different in shade. All gloss, tropical glass, exotic sea and peacock blue!  I have used the exotic glass on my new to me wicker mirror.


The practical side of me bought some light bulbs too!  I couldn’t help it…needed them, so in the basket! 


I bought the wood legs and brackets and used this leftover 2 x 12 to make a short table.  I was going to use it painted for plants in front of the doors, but my son claimed it as a shelf for his computer table.  It works great there.  So, since he didn’t want it painted, I just sanded it well.  I can always paint it when he is done with it.


I bought this ready to use shelf board and the brackets to hang it with.  It’s going in my sewing room to hold supplies in mason jars.  More on that when I get it hung on the wall!


Oh, and I also got the newest copy of the HGTV Magazine and some sandpaper!  I did spend less than $10 on the total sale as I forgot to calculate the tax into the final amount.  I actually had a few houseplants that were on the clearance aisle but I put them back so I would stay within my budget! 

Don’t you just love to spend money that you don’t have to pay for?  Have a great week!


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familytribe said...

Congratulations! You chose great spray paint colors. I've used the "tropical oasis" and I love it. Valspar is my favorite spray paint to use. Looking forward to seeing your completed shelf.