Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

Sarah and I went Black Friday shopping…we are not traditional Black Friday shoppers, we went to JoAnn’s and then we went thrift shopping!
I found the jar on the left at a junk store…it was $1.50.  I love the bubbles in the glass and love the color.  The jar on the left has a really short neck, I think it must be older.  I was telling Mom about finding this jar and she told me she had lots of them. I wanted some pints but we only found quarts.  So now I have four of these!
I found this little box for a few bucks…definitely has some age to it.  I found the clay looking peppermint canes for $2.25 each at a gift store and also found this scrumptious room spray…it has an orange/clove fragrance which is heavenly!
I also got a pile of fabric at JoAnn’s…spent $52 and everything I bought will be used to make a Christmas present this year!  The receipt said I saved $175!!
Darling burlap garland…
Lots of snow people…
These snowman faces were painted on fabric wrapped balls…
And wonderful felted wool stockings, big enough for any sized elf!
The wool felt mooses were very cute!
I loved the brown wool heart ornaments.
This cat was the guard cat at the junk store…she was very sweet but wouldn’t budge an inch when I checked out!
She’s clearly in charge!
I listed these in my etsy shop this evening and they were gone before the hour was out!
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Kathleen said...

My daughter and I did the exact same thing! :) Only we went to a local thrift store and found some nice sweaters!

jess said...

that cat's ears in the second picture CRACK me up....she's clearly in charge! :)

p.s.phyllis sews said...

Wow! You found some really fun finds. I totally agree with your plan for Black Friday. We went shopping at Joanne's on Saturday, though! Still fun!