Monday, October 7, 2013

My working vacation

I went to Colorado in September to baby sit  while my niece Jess and her husband Mike were on their 10th anniversary honeymoon after they renewed their vows…


I missed the ceremony and festivities as it was on Saturday and I flew in on Sunday.  Such a beautiful family!


So, this is Brady! He always crosses his feet when he eats!  He loves blueberries and has a binky addiction!


He’s a big boy and a baby all at the same time.  Quite a snuggle bug, he sleeps 12 hours at night and is such a good baby!


He loves to be outdoors…


He can escape almost any form of restraint, opens the front door if the deadbolt isn’t locked.


He is just soooo cute!


He keeps a close eye on the neighborhood bunnies…

2013-09-21 Cell phone pics 013

He would rather be doing something else other than shopping at Ikea…

2013-09-21 Cell phone pics 006

but he did hold hands with me while we were shopping.

2013-09-19 Cell phone pics 046

I made him a teepee which he was cautious of at first, but he gradually warmed up to it!  You can see how I made it here.

2013-09-21 Cell phone pics 017

He helps water the flowers and vegetable garden…

2013-09-13 023

He spotted this bunny that he needs to talk to up close…so off he goes.

2013-09-13 024

The bunny lets him get a foot away and then hops underneath the bush.

2013-09-13 025

So of course, Brady must go look at him underneath the bush.

2013-09-13 027

Who knew they made little converse sneaks in size 5?

2013-09-26 015

Sweet little baby shoes…and this boy loves to smell feet!  Even his own which can be pretty stinky sometimes!

2013-09-27 002

He loves his Yaya!  Yup that’s my family nickname…used to be Lolly but one of my nieces couldn’t say Lolly so it got changed to Yaya (I believe that is grandmother in Greek too!).

2013-09-17 Cell phone pics 010

This is how he is usually moving…top speed!

2013-09-18 Cell phone pics 011

He’s really a big helper!  Loading the dishwasher here…

2013-09-18 Cell phone pics 027

and throwing his crayons away after he is done coloring!

2013-09-18 Cell phone pics 029

He required rescuing a few times…like this time where he got stuck in the back of the dump truck. That’s not a real cry by the way!  He can fake a good cry like crazy!

2013-09-18 Cell phone pics 068

Watching me finish watering the plants, as you can see by his shirt he helped some.

2013-09-18 Cell phone pics 075

This boy loves the park…

2013-09-18 Cell phone pics 073


2013-09-18 Cell phone pics 078

and swinging…

2013-09-19 Cell phone pics 039

and running on the jungle gym walkway, and sliding are his specialties.

2013-09-18 Cell phone pics 092

Happy boy!

2013-09-18 Cell phone pics 063

Some snuggling with Aunt Sarah..the park is so tiring!!

2013-09-18 Cell phone pics 099

And he does love a good bubble fest!  Here Suz and Rob are keeping him entertained with lots of bubbles!  He pops each one with his index finger.

2013-09-20 Cell phone pics 009

A little Diet Coke right before bed never hurt anyone, right?

2013-09-20 Cell phone pics 026

A warm bath and he is ready for bed!

2013-09-18 Cell phone pics 103

More snuggles and he is asleep!

2013-09-20 Cell phone pics 018

Love it when a baby knows how to sleep!

2013-09-20 Cell phone pics 022

So while his mama was sending me pics of St. Lucia, I was looking at these great views!

PicMonkey Collage (1)

Grow big and strong Brady boy, your Yaya loves you so much!  And thanks Jess and Mike for trusting me to take care of your little man!  He’s a keeper!



jess said...

LOVE this post so much!!! such sweet pics of the boy & great narrative. he's a wild man!!

Karin of said...

Reading this post made me smile... and smile....
It is such a great thing
being allowed to accompany children
when they grow up.
And that's just the aspect
you showed in your post.
Thank you!
Best wishes - Karin from Germany