Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How to update an old woven rug…

I won this great rug four years ago from Its Great To Be Home.  I was so proud of it!  Well that rug has been in constant use for four years now!  I use it in front of the front door or in the bathroom or where ever.  I use rugs a lot as they save the carpet and collect dirt at the door.  My dog Rachel always chose this particular rug to throw up on (sorry, TMI?).  She was an old dog and couldn’t help it!  And on a side note, please don’t judge my old blogging style! 


Here’s an up close of the rug…it’s woven but it has started to wear and fray but only at the ends.  I washed it this past weekend and even though the ends have been sewn down several times, it had frayed beyond repair.  So I was sitting at the sewing table with scraps from my last project around me.  And then I started thinking, and then this happened!

2013-09-26 007

It’s a great update for this rug which still has a lot of life left!

2013-09-26 008

I had some blue chevron fabric but the blues in the rug have faded a bit over the years and it is more of a blue grey color.  So the grey chevron scraps match/coordinate nicely!

2013-09-26 012

I think this rug will last at least another four years!

2013-09-26 009

Mama Kitty approves!

2013-09-26 010

One of my better upcycle projects, if I do say so myself!

2013-09-26 015

I might be linking to some of these great parties!


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Kayla @ Home Coming said...

This looks so great! I love the edges. I'm hosing a state art giveaway that you should enter! http://homecomingmn.blogspot.com/2013/10/state-art-giveaway-from-word-lust.html