Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Columbia has a Super Target now!

Columbia, Mo now has a Super Target!  I hadn’t been to Target in a while, but have had the opportunity to mosey around the store lately and there are lots of things that I am loving! 


Love these faux coral pieces…


And the specimen art seashell picture. Think I might just have to make myself one of those!  With burlap as the background!


And this cute blue table with the darker blue color dipped legs…


And this shower curtain is something I almost bought at the clearance price of $12.48.  I loved the muslin look to it, but didn’t really need one, so I was good and passed it by, after drooling a bit.  Well, last week I was in Goodwill and found the exact same shower curtain, fresh out of the package and it was $4.00!!  I grabbed that sucker and ran with it to the cashier…she told me that Target sends a lot of overstocks and left over clearance things to them.  I will be keeping a close eye on that from now on!


And speaking of specimen art, this butterfly shadow box is really cool. 


Oh, the frost glass vases in THAT shade of blue. 


I found myself drawn to the orange lamps and stools/tables too…


And of course more blue…


Lots of different textures and colors too. 


The cutest bird top cloche with a wooden base…


I cruise through Target routinely if I want to catch something I like on the lowest clearance price.  The guide from the KrazyCouponLady.com has helped me figure out the schedule for clearance prices.  Every store may not follow that strictly, but it is a guideline so if you are trying to catch something just after it has been marked down you can. 


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