Monday, February 22, 2010

The sad snowy day...or how I toasted my favorite (and only) wool slippers

Let me start by saying I can't believe this happened!! Yesterday I washed my wool slippers...this morning they still were not all the way dry. So I got the bright idea of setting them on a cookie rack on top of the wood stove, for about 5 minutes. Note the big fire inside the wood stove.
Please also note that I had just gotten up, my feet were cold and my brain was apparently still asleep. Note that I loved these slippers sooooo much!! Note that I forgot that I put them on top of the wood stove.

The scene of the crime.

The result...
The morale of the story is not to dry wool slippers on top of a wood stove.

The house smells like a cross between a herd of wet sheep and burnt toast....Rachel couldn't stand the smell..she stayed outside for a while. Myself I am still tearfully planning my next pair of wool slippers.

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jess said...

That is hilarious!! Look at poor Rachel, she doesn't like the smell of burnt sheep :)