Saturday, August 8, 2009

No Vacancy

Mom has a hanging organizer in the garage for garden tools and whatnot. Well, the whatnot now includes two different families of birds. Mom said that a few days after the first bird family moved out of the nest, a second mama laid eggs and 12-14 days later, these guys appeared. I couldn't see inside the dark pocket but stuck my camera in there and took a picture....only one mouth is open. The next picture there were two mouths open and
you can see there is
an egg that hasn't hatched yet.
Those are some big mouths to feed!
And we have a third mouth starting to open wide! And I think I can see a second unhatched egg. It is so cool how much fluff there is in the nest. I guess it is a universal mama thing to make a soft nest for babies. These babies will leave in around two and a half weeks...Mom says she is hanging a No Vacancy sign in the garage before the next mama bird moves in to raise her family!

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jess said...

They have such cute little beaks!! :)