Monday, August 17, 2009

Covered Button Hair Barrettes

I made Elena some cute covered button barrettes. She modeled one of them for me...

After I painstakingly attached them to the outside pocket of her diaper bag for the picture, she immediately removed them for me and scattered them to the ends of the earth.

I did get her to hold still long enough to get an up close picture. She was very busy today and Sam and I got to keep her all day long.

Sam blew bubbles for her for a long time in a light rain...bubbles last a really long time in a light rain by the way...
Sam seemed to enjoy blowing bubbles...he hadn't done that in a long's not really cool, you know!
Oooopps! Miss Priss fell down backwards, she fell against the rock surrounding the flower bed. But she was only concerned that she got mud on her hands. She is laying on a muddy driveway on top of the fern, but she is most concerned about the bit of mud on her hands.


Josh and Liz said...

She's very concerned about not getting muddy, just ask Ruth! :)

Kate said...

she looks like such a diva in that first picture!

btw i want to know how to make these!!

Sarah said...

Elena is so cute.

I think you have the covered button addiction, too. :c)