Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Reflections

I saw this storefront in the mall a few weeks ago...it sort of bummed me out. Get ready to Get!
Wow, what a statement. I love to give and I like getting things, I won't lie to you. But to me that is not what Christmas is all about. I have had a rough year financially (off work for several months without a paycheck), personally (my dad's death made me rethink a lot of different things) and professionally (I learned that things can change for the better even when things look ominous). However, I learned I have a lot to be thankful for...I have a healthy son, well behaved, he loves me, he is a good kid.
I have a new job starting January 3 and while this is something to be thankful for it has been stress producing (I think I may be even working on an ulcer!). But it will be good for me and I am really excited and looking forward to starting this new adventure.
I am extremely proud of my Mom for all the adversity she has faced this year...she has come miles and well, I am just so proud of her. She is going to be taking a few trips both before Christmas and after Christmas and she so deserves them.
Out of necessity I decided to make nearly everything for Christmas gifts this year (except there are a few guys I will get gift cards for since I don't like to make things that I know will not be understood or needed--there's only so many fleece throws or scarves a guy will use!) I did that last year too...everyone got quilts I made last year...but that was fairly expensive since I paid to have them quilted and I purchased lots of fabric for the quilt making. But this year I have set a $15 limit for each person...I have been listening to people throughout the year, picking up on hints and ideas along the way.
 So, Christmas doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. I read on a blog about a challenge to give away 100 items before Christmas. I used to have my son clean out his toy box when he was little to make room for new toys from Santa. So this year I suggested (strongly) that he go through his room and clean it (perhaps with a bulldozer!) and find 50 things to give away. He came through with flying colors and I donated over 100 items (50 from Sam and a ton from my closet--I am not going to be wearing scrubs any more, so I got rid of all of them except a few to finish this job) to the Goodwill store here in town. Of course then I had to walk to the front of the store and do a little shopping for some wool sweaters!
Watching foxes play on the way to celebrate Christmas with our Colorado family.
I needed some changes in my life and God has provided for me.
He made me, he molds me, he helps me, he holds me.
As I sat in church yesterday morning I saw kids in the pew ahead of me playing with a paper towel roll (the product of some sort of Sunday School craft) and it just struck me how simple things really are in God's hands and how difficult we as people try to make them. So I will try to remember this and keep God close to my heart in this season and always.


jess said...

Great post, Yaya. Really cool pics of the foxes playing, too!!

I finally remembered to add you to my Google Reader so now I'll be keeping more up to date:)

Carol said...

Ditto what Jess said...great post! I'm so excited for your new job. It will be great to work a job where you are appreciated! And, I'm so proud of your Mom, too. She's doing great!