Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What to do next…

This blogging thing has been weighing heavily on my mind.  I create things all the time, but with the blog I feel like all that creating is under pressure, gotta get this done, gotta get this blogged, gotta get four more projects started so I will have some posts coming out about them too.  Staging and taking photos is sooo time consuming too!


At any given moment I have a minimum of three or four things underway.  Now I have about four quilts to bind, they are done except for that, and my Aunt Marge has another one for me that she just got done quilting.  I have four quilt tops cut out waiting for me to sew them together.  I am redoing a bench that goes on the deck, I am in the middle of creating a frame wall.  All the frames are purchased and all except one have been painted.  I have the empty wall to hang them on.   I am in the middle of creating a fabric hoop wall in my sewing/craft room.  My son is moving out in  a few weeks and I have a few projects I am finishing up for him.


I have a stack of towels to be made into washcloths, I have rugs to weave from a giant stack of discarded fabric.  I have a pillow cover to make, a lamp to strip and repaint. A lamp shade to cover.  Then a room to furnish into a guest bedroom.  A bench to finish painting, a newly purchased thrift store hexagon table to refinish, a birdbath to paint and mosaic. 


Throw in a family, a new job as of last Monday, and a new boyfriend (he’s no longer in the picture) and sometimes it all gets to be too much.  I keep thinking that maybe I need to stop the blogging part of my life….but here’s the deal—I really enjoy blogging, I love to see how many folks visit my blog every day, even if just to pop in for a quick visit.  I love to see how many of my projects are pinned. I like that part of it all very much and I like to create. 


I have been creating since I was a kid…I made a dollhouse fireplace from a Jell-O box with my cousin Twyla, I sewed, I knitted socks in high school (I still have them), made 6 foot knitted snakes for my brothers for Christmas, I embroideried a tablecloth for my grandparents, I painted, I made some of my own clothes, I made flannel gowns, I hand sewed baby layettes for new babies (including kimonos,  gowns, hats, diaper covers, knitted booties, crocheted bibs, stuffed mouse toys, crib sheets, with matching quilts and blankets).  I was doing all these things when I was still a kid and continued into adulthood.  I made teddy bears from old quilts.  I hung a child’s chair on the wall of my sunroom for a plant to sit on, I used all sorts of containers for my outdoor garden. 


Mom and I had a talk a few weeks ago, she said that she had made the cute cake stands from pretty plates and candlestick holders.  That none of these ideas were really new, it’s just that now we have the blogging thing to showcase them. 


Any way, I think I’m going to be around the old blog for a while longer!  I appreciate all you great folks out there who read and comment and pin and feature my projects!


Have a great week!



Mary said...

I understand your stress. I am pretty much like you described and have the same sort of stack waiting.

Your mother is correct. We have always done these things but now we have blogs to help us figure things out or let other know so they don't reinvent the wheel.

I don't blog like you do. I do it for me and if no one reads it, there is still the record that I accomplished something.

I have to laugh sometimes at some of the ideas I see. I grew up in a junkyard - literally. My stepfather was the only licensed junk dealer in three counties. Some of the things I see we did 'cause we used what was on hand and we were too poor to get anything better. My "junk" has finally gained in value!!

Keep up the good work but do it for your own pleasure, please!

Lindac said...

OMG I have finally found someone who sounds exactly like me. I stress about getting it all done too. I love blogging but it takes so much time to get the content and all the time I'm using in the garden all those craft jobs are getting left behind. I have cards to make that are getting desperate, I have a gift quilt to make, I have ornaments to make, I even have to make a start on xmas gifts. On top of that I also have a utility room to re-build, an office to redecorate, a bathroom vanity to build and a store cupboard to board out.

But the garden needs blogging! lol.

The friends we make along the way certainly make it all worth it though - I'm your newest follwer.

Jill said...

So glad to hear you're going to continue blogging Ellen! I love popping over to see what you've been up to. Just don't get stressed about getting it all done in time to post - let time go by without posts, and get back to enjoying the process again!! Looking forward to reading and seeing more of your fabulous creative projects in the future!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry your great blog is starting to feel like a burden to you - I just discovered and love it! I hope you find a way to balance things so we can continue enjoying your posts.
Warm greetings from Mexico :)

Anne said...

Hi Ellen, please keep going - I'm just subscribing to follow you!

imquilternity said...

Your blog is wonderful so I'm glad to hear that you'll be continuing it, at least for awhile, but I do understand what you're saying. It is work and sometimes I find myself doing projects "for the blog" instead of "for me". Recently, I did take a 12 day break from the computer/blog and it made me realize that I have been missing out on my own life while I have been reading about others. It's a real quandary for sure.