Monday, June 10, 2013

My first garage saling of the season!

All sorts of great buys this past Saturday morning!!
A great Thirty One tote bag that would normally cost $55 (I know too high!  I have a similar one but got it cheaper when they were having some kind of sale). 
It’s a black denim with brown trim/handles.
That bag weighed a ton too….it had all these goodies inside…BBW lotion, two hand creams, a lip gloss all sealed, two kinds of perfume, one called Grace, and I can’t remember the other kind, some other assorted lotions/creams with names I didn’t recognize and a pair of new in the package Sony earbuds.
It was crazy good…all that for $3!
I really liked this game table set, doesn’t go with anything in my house, but thought it was just fun…but did not get it at $150!
Love the look of the table top.
Two travel pillows for $1…
a nice wood/wicker basket, perfect for magazines. 
And a hang on the wall hook (for my guest bedroom after my son moves out in a few weeks) and this photo holder which I hope to use to photograph some jewelry for my etsy shop.
Poly-Fil micro beads like you put in beanbags…they usually are about $20 a bag, at the first sale I went to I found four of them for $1 each. Score!!
1 1/3 yard of vintage solid blue fabric…has the texture of barkcloth. I have a 22” square pillow form waiting for a cover…this will work perfectly for $1. 
Cute little lighthouse drawing on wood 25 cents…
Big metal bins for $2.50 each, I bought them both!
I have been wanting to play around with this thread, it’s 30% wool and 70% cotton…now I just need to figure out what to make.
Last but not least three canning jars, one of them blue vintage, the other two have that crisscross design wrapped around 3 sides (I think they might be coffee jars, but not sure), but there’s room for some stenciling on the 4th side.  And a picture frame which will be great for my frame wall, hoping to get that finished today or tomorrow!
What did you find this past weekend??



Rustown Mom said...

Wow , I seriously need to go garage saleing near you! I worked all weekend - no time for fun. But I'm going to hit a couple of thrift stores this week, purely for fun!

M.M. said...

GREAT finds. I happened to find your page as your button bracelet was on Pinterest. I will now follow your blog, very nice indeed!

Cheryl Patterson said...

Great finds! I love to find craft supplies at garage sales. As a matter of fact my neighborhood is having it's community garage sale this weekend. 'Guess I know what I'll be doing Saturday morning!