Saturday, June 1, 2013

Randomness or can you believe it’s June already?


I love spring with all the baby animals and getting to see the animals in the fields up close…


and the spring storms that bring rainbows…I think I have seen 3 double rainbows this spring already…


This rainbow seemed to be arising from my woods on each side.


I kept Bob and Joy for my brother last weekend and they don’t like to hang out with Bella the Great Dane and my pug Milo. So this is what most of last weekend looked like.  Bella is the neighbor dog who comes to play with Milo almost every day.


They didn’t mind staring at each other through the door though!


Two of my great nieces…Elena in the cowboy hat and Audrey getting hugged.  True to young sister hood, the minute this picture was snapped Elena pushed Audrey away from her!  Silly girls!


This was a magnificently beautiful sky at my brothers house one afternoon…their house is atop a hill and you can see for miles it seems from there.


These yellow iris were in a pot that I tossed into a pile of abandoned flowers at the end of the summer last year.  They started leafing out this spring so I divided them and stuck them back into the water garden and now they are blooming like crazy.  One group of them I planted in the dirt.  They are also blooming!


My mom came and stayed this last week, I am taking her home this weekend.  I love having her visit, here Milo and Mom are coming back to get the mail. 


I think this picture looks funny, looks like Stan is pointing right to Mom’s face.


We walked the Katy Trail near Rocheport and saw all sorts of reptilian wildlife…this snake crossed our path and we allowed him plenty of room…


and this baby snapping turtle was so feisty, we picked him up to move him to the other side of the trail (in the direction he was initially headed) and he got all wiggly and opened his mouth!  He didn’t get hold of anything to bite, because we caught on quick!


The woods are so peaceful and pretty! 


Stan and I have been doing a lot of walking along nature trails and really enjoy the great outdoors!  Mom and I went to Kansas City this past week during her visit and did some shopping at City Market there. 


Hope your week goes well…I am going to start building an ark if the rain doesn’t stop here!  I think we have caught up now on rainfall!!


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