Saturday, March 26, 2011

Family Auction

100_0177Almost a year ago my dad died…my mom had all this stuff that she wouldn’t use, so she decided to have an auction.100_0165We had the most beautiful weather, the sun was out, although the forecast was for cloudy.  It was a tad cool in the morning, but it warmed up nicely in the afternoon. 100_0100We had good friends, family and food!  100_0107And of course, the auction….my brother is an auctioneer here in Missouri, but he was able to get his Illinois license and was the auctioneer. 100_0121100_0125Mom’s dog Rachel was trying to catch some rays, she didn’t let all the hub bub bother her!100_0126100_0138Mom did great, she seemed to enjoy herself…I know it must have been hard in some ways, but she was surrounded by family and friends. 100_0157Plus we had Baby Audrey (who was born the day after Dad died) to snuggle with and carry around…100_0158100_0159She is such a sweet little thang!100_0160100_0164Josh and his big girl Audrey on the big tractor.  100_0179100_0180 - CopyRuthie and Sue modeling on the tractor.100_0181100_0156Jenny is carrying around the princess-wanna-be Elena and the Gabe is tricking Max here!100_0163The first tractor selling…Cullen starts it up…100_0164while Clinton waits.100_0165Mom’s siblings were all there…here’s Aunt Jean (she took me to see Bambi when I was just a little thing) and Aunt Marge (she is the master quilter!)…100_0167100_0166It was a great time to just people watch…100_0170Let me tell you, I believe this might have qualified as a redneck event…we had corn cobs, we had people sitting on shower chairs in the front yard…we had 100_0171100_0172100_0173This guy must not have read the forecast or the dress code…nice with the boots and shorts!  100_0174

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