Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hoo Are You??


1. Do you pay your bills online or through snail mail?
I pay bills online...only snail mail what I have to!

2. How many email accounts do you have?
I guess I have four...one is my first ever, so I kept it and use it for my etsy shop, one is work, one is through my internet account at home, and then I have my gmail which is my fave!

3. Do you use XM/Sirius, radio, ipod, CD, or etc.. in your vehicle?
I use my iphone in the car...we used to have XM but it became too expensive (because we also had it at home) and we needed to cut corners somewhere...I do miss XM, I will admit!

4. What shows are sparking your interest on TV right now?
NCIS, anything on HGTV or the DIY channel, Grey's Anatomy, House

5. Name 3 things that you think of when you hear the word "GREEN"!
Peas (yuck!), grass and St. Patty's Day!


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I'm your newest follower via the Wedneday blog hop :)

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