Sunday, January 10, 2010

Funky Felted Wool Slippers=Warm Tootsies

I found this 70s color wool yarn in a local thrift shop...$1 each skein. Two skeins of hot variegated pink and one skein of purple, doesn't get much better than that

I thought I would make some slipper socks since my sister Sarah has been ranting and raving about the ones she made herself! I used this pattern and with two sizes larger needles, double strands and the men's size directions since I was going to felt it.
I made one first just in case it didn't felt well. Then felted it, so I could see how this yarn felted.

It felted beautifully so I started my second slipper.
Here are the finished slippers, obviously the one on the left has been felted...the other one soon to follow!

Ta Dah!!!
I crocheted a simple flower from one strand of each color and then felted it as well. I sewed them on and sewed a button on the top of them. Very cute and they fit me perfectly and are oh so warm!


Sarah said...

Cute, cute! Aren't they warm??

Stella & Sugar said...

That is so nice, I mean, what is wrong with peep who DON'T like Thrift stores, so nice and thrifty too