Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pink and Brown Basket

Every year I have two fundraisers I do a lot of crafting for...the first to happen is the Midway Heights Baptist Church Fish Fry Fundraiser (that is a mouthful, huh?). My church is working on building a debt-free building addition and the proceeds of the fish fry benefit that fund.
My new love is chocolate brown and pink. I decided to make a basket purely brown and pink. I needed a basket and found this produce basket at Goodwill for $1.
After a few coats of brown spray paint, I had this lovely basket...I removed the metal handle so it wouldn't get painted...then I painted the handle a bright bubble gum pink. Really cute and trendy too!
Then I filled it with all things pink and brown. Some of those things I made, some of them I purchased. I made this note pad out of chip board and scrapbook paper and a paper clip/clamp. My sister Sarah showed me some of these notepad holders on Etsy and I soon crafted my own (in pink and brown of course).
I made some note cards with a friend's Cricut machine (Thanks Julie!) and they turned out so cute I may need to buy this basket back!
I serged around two yards of brown and pink fleece from Hobby Lobby and tied it up with a ribbon for a fleece throw. I also found the little brown box in front of the basket at Hobby Lobby and it was 89 cents (90% off clearance late this summer)
I added a few other goodies and now it is ready to wrap up in some cellophane and sell in the silent auction, which is only 10 days from now!


Unknown said...

ellen...i am sending mom strict orders to bid on it for me!!!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! It should bring a great price with pink and brown so popular, plus what you have in there.

Necklace and keychain are on their way to join the basket!