Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Gnarly GiveAway Rug...I love it!

I won something...actually won it!! That kind of stuff usually doesn't happen to me.
I was blog stalking one night as an insomniac and ran across this post: http://itsgreattobehome.net/2009/08/21/a-grown-up-kids-meal-and-giveaway-winner/
I was half awake and just skimming this post on ItsGreatToBeHome when I saw my name in bold letters. I couldn't believe it! I had even forgotten that I had entered at the end of this post: http://itsgreattobehome.net/category/gnarly-giveaway/.
Anyway, the rug is so much better in person...beautiful blues and exactly my style. CSN Rugs (http://www.csnrugs.com/) shipped it to me within a few days and it far exceeded my expectations! I have made a few rag rugs on my grandma's loom, but this rug is wonderful. In my entry I said I would put it in the bathroom, but this rug now lives just inside my front door, for all to see!!


Unknown said...

i love it ellen.....it is beautiful...goes good with your decor and tastes too!!!

Liz @ It's Great To Be Home said...

It looks beautiful, Ellen, I'm so glad you love it!! :)