Tuesday, September 1, 2009

$10 Garden Bench

This is a great garden bench I found at the Goodwill Store here in Columbia for $10. We jammed it into the back seat of my Toyota Corolla much to the chagrin of the two men who loaded it for me. It was in really bad shape, with the metal a bit rusty, and the oak slats were grey, but it was solid. Sam and I refinished it...yes, Sam actually took it apart, and sanded all the wood. I refinished the wood parts and gave all the metal parts a good coat of my favorite Rustoleum rusty metal primer. And then we put it back together last Saturday afternoon.

I think it looks great out on the deck although I originally thought I would put it out in the yard by the grove of Sweet William. Not sure where it will land now...

I failed to take before pictures, but here is the metal back inset before I did anything to it...it had that lovely fake verdigris finish
I used a satin finish Minwax marine varnish on the wood to waterproof it as much as possible.
I really like it and it surprisingly comfortable to sit upon.
The varnish was $4.50, the spray paint was $6 and I spent $1.50 on some new buttons to go in the screw holes on the slats.
That adds up to a nice solid garden bench for a mere $22!


Michelle said...

Hi Ellen~ You did a great job on the bench...great price, too! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

Have a wonderful week!
~Michelle :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ellen for linking up1 I love the bench redo!