Sunday, September 29, 2013

Visiting Old Town

2013-09-26 050

Before I left Colorado my niece and I did some running around.  We went to Old Town and stopped in this really neat shop, Walnut Creek.

2013-09-26 046

They have all sorts of handcrafted items.  This piano bench was made from a wool sweater with a needle felted design.

2013-09-26 048

There were lots of really unique furniture pieces in great colors.

2013-09-26 045

Jess and I both loved these printed signs. 

2013-09-26 040

The red console was great…

2013-09-26 039

The black table and chairs were really sweet too with bright print cushions for the chairs.

2013-09-26 038

I loved these purses and look at the wooden spool hooks they are hanging from!

2013-09-26 037

The blue and peach flower print one is my fave, although the pears print is also cool!

2013-09-26 032

We both loved the screen printed owl on a pumpkin yellow pillow cover.

2013-09-26 030

And this crate with the chalkboard end (love those pumpkins too!)

2013-09-26 026

The numbered jars…how easy would that be to do?

2013-09-26 033

Another orange dresser/chest…just tons of really cool stuff!

2013-09-26 020

This little blue painted stool is from Ikea, it was only $22, which is a great price!

2013-09-26 023

I liked the felted wool soap.

2013-09-26 018

Jess liked this bicycle print sign.  By the way those are feathers in a vase behind her head, not her hair, just to clarify!

2013-09-26 019

Baby Brady didn’t feel too good that day so he was pretty sedate as long as the stroller was moving…

2013-09-26 016

he was a happy camper!

2013-09-26 015

There were really neat baby onesies and t-shirts, lots of baby items like bibs and blankets and stuffed animals.

2013-09-26 014

These wooden children’s toys were works of art, beautifully made. 

2013-09-26 057

This is what I bought, a phone case that is very practical.  I think I may make a similar one too for a gift.

2013-09-26 055

And here’s the packaging for purchases!  Love it just as much as I do the store!


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