Friday, September 13, 2013

Some flower garden rearranging


I tend to use perennials in my deck containers, so that I can plant them in the ground in the fall and get more bang for my buck at the garden center!  This is what the stump pot looked like a few months ago…


This stump usually has a big pot of plants on it all summer long.  But truthfully it’s a haul from the deck to water and my hose doesn’t quite reach.  So, my pug willing, I planted all around it with perennials that hopefully will make it a low care flower bed.


I get a lot of my plants at Lowes…I do not buy them full price, I wait for them to clearance them.  I found this peach day lily for $1.  It has already bloomed this year, but the regular price was $15.97, since it was a giant pot. 


This guy it my supervisor.  He tells me what looks good where…


Here he’s telling me to trim the willow tree that hangs down over the stump.  I declined, he walked away!


I planted the whole pot of flowers that was on top of the stump around the stump.  I just pulled it out of the pot and dug a hole and dropped it in the ground.  It has two purple fountain grass, a bunch of creeping jenny and some dianthus, so all that will be back next spring!  The purple fountain grass was $1 each for a medium pot, on clearance at Lowes and the creeping jenny was reduced too.  Patience is the key to great buys at Lowes in the plant category.


Since someone I know likes to dig in the dirt, (who shall of course remain anonymous) I put all sorts of rocks and seashells on top of the good digging areas.  If an archeologist ever excavates my little chunk of land they will have to assume this was an ocean.  I have tons of seashells all over the place!  And someone (who shall of course remain anonymous) carries smaller seashells around in his mouth and scatters them all over the yard.


Now back to some tips for plant hunting at Lowes…you need to go routinely to get the good plants.  I go during lunch several times a week during peak season.  There are two things to know…they keep a clearance rack in both the inside plant area, so it is there year round inside.  And they keep a rack, usually at the back of the garden plant area outside.  I believe neither one is watered after the plants are placed on those racks.  I have seen some pretty dry sad plants there, ones that have been wasted, guess it makes good business sense to not spend man hours on things that don’t bring much profit anymore.


I added a few of my cement garden balls to the stump to keep any pug sitting at bay.  You can go here to see how I made them.  So go check out Lowes and see if you can find any cheap plants to plant for the rest of the summer and for next spring too!


After a week or so the creeping jenny has started to take over the stump! 


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