Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I’ve been up to this week…

photo (8)
I am so hooked on Instagram!  Love this beautiful sunrise picture…I actually stopped on my way to work to get this shot!
photo (11)
New project with an old lamp!
Made these really cool sea shell cards this weekend…so easy and so cute!  You can read about them here!
I hung a few more Es on the wall behind my chest of drawers…
And I cleaned out one drawer and one cabinet.  I have been trying to clean/organize my home one tiny step at a time.  I get sooo overwhelmed with how much I need to do, so I decided each week or weekend I would start by doing one or two small cleaning/organizing job.
photo (12)
I had so many pics on my iPhone that I had to clear out most of them in order to do 15 updates! I don’t understand why I had so many, but thought this might explain it!  Baby Brady is so cute!
photo (13)
My great niece is going to be Batman for Halloween and her mom asked me to make a tutu for her to match the Batman top! 
photo (7)
Of course I had to make a matching headband too!
photo (15)
Another beautiful phone pic from today…love it!

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Terriea Kwong said...

Stunning sunrise and beautiful fall anticipated. Also a festive Halloween decoration on the way.
Thanks for stopping by and sweet comments.