Monday, September 17, 2012

What I’ve been up to this week!

I did some thrifting…found this wine crate for $3 at the Salvation Army…it will be used to organize in my craft/sewing room. I am just going to use some lemon oil treatment on it and I think it will perk up just fine!


I bought this full of thread spools at an auction…I wanted the spools, but am thinking the jar is pretty great too.  I think it might be a 2 gallon size, not sure, but I plan on making a terrarium out of it.


It was half full of spools…love it!  Lots of old ones, all wooden!


I have washed all the spools and will probably rub them down with pledge to make them pretty again.


The best thing I found was this pretty yellow all wool blanket!  I was so excited…it is a square about as wide as a twin blanket but not as long!  I have already felted (or fulled) it in the washer and it felted beautifully!


I have been motorcycle riding lately with a friend…four times over the past month, the first time for half the day!  I love riding and I needed a jacket that won’t be too hot but will keep the wind off me. 

photo (5)

I have even gotten brave enough to let go and take a pic or two…here I am in the reflection of Larry’s helmet!


I wanted a plain denim jacket and looked at several stores and catalogs, finally settled on one and it was $50, I hadn’t ordered it yet, but was going to…  Imagine my surprise when I walked into the Salvation Army and found this perfect denim jacket, it’s a little long but that will be perfect…Just my size and only $5!!   So glad I didn’t order the expensive one yet!

photo (7)

A week ago Friday we had a bad hail storm with probably a tornado too…there was a funnel cloud sighted within a few miles of home, but it’s not official I guess.   I didn’t lose any trees but there are a lot of trees twisted off at the ground.  The hail on the glove was pulled out of my friend’s gutters the next afternoon!

photo (10)

I was upset that the umbrella cover I made had several holes in it from the hail.  Bummed!

100_5732 But I am thankful that my car and my son’s car were not at home or they would have been totaled! 

photo (9)

And the hail was sooo big, in my area, people reported up to baseball sized hail.  When I got home 4 hours after the storm had hit, the hail I found in the yard was still up to 2 inches in diameter. 


Almost every plant on my deck was demolished!  All summer it’s been so hot and I have watered them 3-4 times a day, but now they are all broken off. 


The ground was covered with leaves and sticks, the trees looked so bare! 


Insurance adjuster was out yesterday and now I am just waiting for the roof and gutter and chimney replacement estimates. 

photo (8)Signature


Al@PolkaDotsandPaisley said...

Isn't it frustrating when hail damages all the flowers that you work so hard on? I had the same thing happen this summer, only it was to my wedding flowers 2 weeks before the wedding. Grr!

Diane Higdon said...

So sorry to see all the damage from the hail storm. I just hate them...
Great to see you are riding some. Hope you follow me as my blog is about our rides. Have a great week!!!

Terriea Kwong said...

Sorry for the damage. I remember the pretty blue summer settings. Sounds you've a great bargain. The wool blanket is a temptation. If it's me I may want to do leaves prints. Haha..

Melinda @ Mom on the Make said...

Wow, the pieces of hail are huge. I just love your last photo with the rays of sunshine breaking through the cloudy skies.