Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chest Makeover

I found this chest at an auction…my son needed a chest in his room.  He had been using baskets on his closet shelves so he really needed a chest.  This chest was really solid, with dovetailed drawers and simple but functional design.
There was some veneer damage on one drawer and one side, so I decided not to refinish it but to paint it instead.  I removed the hardware and sanded it really well. 
I used Clark and Kensington Primer and Paint in One, in a soft grey color, it was a quart I got free during their promo at Ace Hardware.  Anyway, I guess I was expecting not to have to use two coats, but you can see in the pic above on the drawer on the left the difference between one coat and two coats.  The paint has a really strong ammonia smell, but otherwise worked well. 
I spray painted the knobs and then glazed them with Valspar glaze.
I distressed and glazed the dresser as well and my son reassembled the pulls (each of those pulls was in 7 pieces!) and it was carried upstairs to his room before I had a chance to take good pictures.  We are getting ready to paint Sam’s room a soft grey, so I am thinking this will look great up there!
It’s not one of my favorite projects, didn’t quite turn out how I envisioned, but then again, I won’t be looking at it every day! 
After I started writing this post, I realized Sam put some of the pulls on backwards!  He’s not going to be happy when I point that out to him!
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Sam I Am...... said...

You did a great job on that dresser and what a great piece! I especially love how you did the hardware. What did you use? Maybe I could spray the hardware I have instead of replacing. I've been wanting that color in my bathroom.
Great job!!!!

Morristown, NJ Antiques said...

what a nice transformation! i love it!