Sunday, May 6, 2012

Can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt!

This weekend I got the deck water proofed…doesn’t sound like much but it’s very time consuming.  I was hoping it wouldn’t rain overnight, but the rain just started.  Hopefully the stuff will be OK.  I didn’t use a stain, just a water proofer, so maybe…


What I really want to do though is to dig in the dirt, to pot flowers and plant.  I had to make myself do the deck first…then I get to dig and pot!  I did settle for planting these moonflowers that I started a month or so ago.


I love late spring and early summer…


Looks like my hydrangea is going to bloom soon!  It got a bad frost bit earlier so I was worried about it being ok. 


The peonies are pretty this year…


Funny story about this iris…a friend gave it to me years ago for my water garden.  Last winter I took it out of the water garden, thinking that I wasn’t going to do the water garden this year.  So I was going to plant it in the ground somewhere…but never got around to doing that.


It was a mild winter, but this plant sat out of the water on the edge of the concrete drive for months.  It was in a plastic pot, but that’s all the protection it had.  I noticed a green shoot a few weeks ago, decided to keep the water garden this summer, and I fertilized it and stuck it back in the water.  Ta da!!  It is blooming happily away, and this year is the best it has ever looked.  Maybe I will expose it to the elements like this every winter!


I have two new clumps of daisies in the yard this year too!  I love me a good old fashioned daisy.

I hope you are having a great spring!



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Beautiful flowers!

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