Thursday, September 2, 2010

Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are a standard baby gift from me, among other things, but this is an old standby!
I use flannel for both sides, no lining.  I cut the fabric 12 x 18" and wrong sides together I seam them up, leaving an opening to turn them.  I round the corners when I seam them.
I use scraps from other projects (like the 24 pair of PJ pants that I made for everyone for Christmas two years ago) or clearance bins or even yard sales or thrift stores.
Some I back with contrasting fabric...some I use the same fabrics front and back.
Very easy project...I really love the cookies and milk print!


Stephani said...

Love the burp clothes!! I'll have to make some for my sis who is going to be a first time mommy very soon.

Thanks for sharing on Crafty Friday.

Robin Ange said...

I have to start making more of these!

Melissa said...

An easy way to start busting the stash and always a necessary item.

Maureen F. said...

Great idea to have a bunch made and ready to give away !! - they are really cute

Unknown said...

i agree it iS an easy way to use up scraps! and the cookies and milk print is very cute and appropriate, i must say :)

Anonymous said...

Ellen - I have seen a lot of different ways to make burp cloths. Yours is by far the simplest and the least expensive. Do you find it to be absorbent enough? Thanks so much! co4hfamily at gmail dot com